Morning Reads 1/23/13

Hello. Good Morning. How are you? Oh me? I’m fine. Thanks for asking.

Man sues Georgia Department of Driver Services for rejecting “gay pride” themed plates. That First Amendment thing sure is pesky . . .

Missouri transplants are now stranded; they were promised jobs and found none. Ideally, none of them are Missouri fans, because I have a feeling that team will be a whipping boy for awhile.

Venison a rarity at Georgia food banks this year. Everyone can use a little deer meat every now and then.

Allegedly, 170 million dollars of state funds go to schools that do not allow openly gay pupils.

Georgia State will soon allow credit for MOOC. No, that’s not a new area in the study of Beef. It’s a fancy acronym boiling down to “online classes that are cheap.”

Meanwhile, other states are poaching our Professors. Maybe  because they opened a Walmart inside Georgia Tech. Maybe the cause is really the unbridled passion of students for hunting hogs. Maybe all Professors are crazy.

If this happens, no one will say UGA had a “cupcake” schedule. Well, folks from Florida and Alabama might. Bunch of Yankees and cousin-counting rednecks.


Chip has been on the job one day at GPB. GPB has received a petition for him to be fired. Rumour is, Charlie Harper has started a petition to keep him away from the Georgia Senate.

I mourn the selling of Rayonier. Mostly because they gave me a scholarship many years ago. I totally wasted that money on a computer.

Georgia Supreme Court weighs in: honor killing bad. Not killing your own children is still the socially acceptable thing.

An arrest has been made in the stabbing incident outside the Georgia Dome. I still say the Dome is cursed.

Thank you, Governor Deal, for working to keep the public archives open. History is important, even if that history includes stuff about Atlanta.

The Bibb County School system is like a soap opera. Always something new going on. This week, someone with backbone asks the U.S. Attorney to conduct an investigation. Watch next week when we found out that the Superintendent is really a woman and also the cousin of Al Borland.

Welcome to Wednesday. Here is your jam.


  1. Noway says:

    Don’t you just love the “religion of peace?” Honor killings…sawing the heads off of hostages….strapping body bombs on children….Fine, fine people.

    • Ron Daniels says:

      I believe in persona liberty, regardless of my religion. I can’t comprehend how a religious belief would drive a father to kill his own child simply because she expressed free will.

      • atlanta_advocate says:

        Thou shalt not murder. Turn the other cheek. Yes, as opposed to Christianity. The problem with Christianity is that most Christians do not adhere to its teachings. (Killing Native Americans and taking their land, kidnapping Africans and enslaving them … the Bible explicitly says not to do both.) With honor killings, jihad etc. the problem with Islam is with the people who do.

    • Andre says:

      I don’t mean to make light of this tragedy, but is it not possible that Pakistani native Chaudry Rashid was receiving instruction from his deity not unlike the instruction God gave Abraham in the Book of Genesis, chapter 22?

      • atlanta_advocate says:

        The difference is that Abraham received instructions from God. Whoever gave Rashid his instructions was not God.

  2. John Vestal says:

    From, interesting story regarding public funds and private schools here in Georgia.

    The article also references this NYT article with more on the exemption and how the funding ends up at some schools. Beyond the discrimination premise of the wsbradio article, it’s obvious there are public funds ending up in schools teaching creationism in lieu of actual science in their science classes (which, as everybody knows, has been ruled unconstitutional for public-funded schools). Louisiana has legal battles going on over the same issue and some of the schools getting public funds via a program passed a few years back.

    • Joshua Morris says:

      Here we go again. ‘Actual science’ doesn’t discount creationism anymore than it does darwinism. Is anyone concerned about the constitutionality of forcing people to pay into those public fund accounts who don’t want speculative darwinism shoved down their kids’ throats? If you don’t want them using the money to educate their children the way they see fit, don’t force them to pay into the public system.

  3. Noway says:

    Interesting to hear Phil Mickelson talk about leaving CA because of taxes. More power to him. Join Tiger and Rush in FL or Glenn Beck in Texas.

    • Three Jack says:

      Even more interesting was the media reaction attempting to denigrate Phil for daring to want to keep the money he has earned. According to reports, he would lose $8.5M annually if he stays in CA vs moving to a state like FL with no income tax.

      Tiger was asked about it, replied saying, ‘I left in 1996 because of taxes’.

      Who is John Galt?

    • atlanta_advocate says:

      I would be even more interested to hear about low tax states like Florida, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee etc. creating something as necessary to our economy as Silicon Valley, or having elite universities like Stanford, USC, UCLA, Cal etc. (Or in some instances, universities that are even as good as the Cal State system, for people who can’t get into the University of California campuses.)

  4. cheapseats says:

    GPB producer resigns over hiring of Chip Rogers

    I may have done the linky thing right but, there it is.

    Layoffs, furloughs, stagnant salaries, outsourcing, etc. at GPB and Kim Jong Deal uses them to Golden Parachute this clown?!

    Is this the Republican party that we thought would save us from the abuses that the Dems had heaped upon us for 100+ years?

    • Noway says:

      Will this issue have any legs? Heck, Jim Demint sold out from the US Senate for a cool million plus at the Heritage Foundation. Let’s see, a congressional pension and free health care for life now this boondoggle! Damn good work if you can get it, I guess.

      • cheapseats says:

        Right but the Heritage Foundation isn’t supported with my money – voluntary or by force as the GPB is.
        Next pledge drive, I’m going to call in and pledge $150K in the name of Nathan Deal. For that, I want a tin-foil hat personally autographed by Chip Rogers.

        You know, maybe ol’ Chip was on to something with that whole “mind control” thing…maybe the Guv is the one who needs the tin-foil hat.

    • elfiii says:

      The streets of College Park are much safer now that all those broken antiques are off the streets and the crack addicts are set for a day or two. What’s not to like? 🙂

  5. Harry says:

    Hillary Clinton Dodges Question About Covert Arms Shipments From Benghazi

    Some of us have another theory as discussed on anonymous message boards frequented by active duty military. It was set up to be a faked kidnapping, and the dead ambassador was to be trade bait to allow Obama to turn over the blind sheik to Egypt. Obama would have gotten rid of a political liability in regards to Middle East public opinion, and looked like a hero to US voters in October, but it failed because a couple of special forces guys disobeyed orders and tried to do their job to protect US personnel.

    It would have been nice if a senator had asked Hillary her opinion of that idea – just for the theater. Anyway, nothing happened today that will dispel these sorts of rumors.

    • xdog says:

      “It was set up to be a faked kidnapping, and the dead ambassador was to be trade bait to allow Obama to turn over the blind sheik to Egypt.”

      God, why didn’t I think of that?

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