Highlights of Deal’s Budget

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Highlights of Deal’s Budget

  • $830 million in construction projects but no new major programs
  • More than $300 million to pay for growth in k-12 school enrollment and provide extra money to poorer school systems
  • The state would borrow about $400 million for new school and university facilities.
  • Two of the biggest college projects: $58.8 million for a new law school/humanities building at Georgia State University and $45 million for a cancer research building at Georgia Regents University in Augusta.
  • The spending plan also includes $70 million for water and sewer projects — including money for new reservoirs — $50 million for dredging the fast-growing Port of Savannah, and $11.75 million for the College Football Hall of Fame, which is relocating from Indiana to Atlanta.

Deal: Agenda trimmed back because of budget

  • The Republican has proposed a $40.8 billion spending plan for the financial year starting in July, along with amending the current budget to account for less-than-anticipated tax collections and growing health care costs.
  • Deal asked lawmakers to approve roughly $13 million to restore 10 days of instruction that were eliminated from a pre-kindergarten education program in earlier rounds of budget cuts.
  • The governor also proposed a modest 3 percent increase for recipients of the lottery funded HOPE scholarship.
  • He requested $50 million to nearly complete the state’s promised contribution toward a project to deepen the Port of Savannah.
  • The Republican also asked lawmakers to support legislation that would authorize the Board of Community Health to levy a tax on hospitals that is set to expire this year. The tax, which raises roughly $230 million annually, is used as state matching money to secure another $400 million-plus of federal support for the Medicaid program.

A woodshed season for John Barge

  •  This week, it was Barge’s duty to go before state lawmakers to explain educational spending in Gov. Nathan Deal’s $19.8 billion proposed budget for next year. Unless you had the document in front of you, you would never have known that Deal had shrunk Barge’s central office budget from $87 million to $27 million.
  • Much of that $60 million removed from Barge’s central office budget was shifted to other pots in the state education budget – perhaps to make them easier to remove from Barge’s control at a later date.
  • Next year, Barge’s budget will be docked for the entire cost – nearly $1 million. But GPB will be given total control of the money.  (“I see,” said the blind man…and everyone watching this Chip Rogers dramedy.)

Governor seeks $10 million for WR military ‘gateway center’

  • I like the idea on its face. I do wonder why the Governor approved a $10M facility (+2.5M in add’l property) in Warner Robins, but rejected a similar $4.75M facility at Fort Stewart. Maybe the author – our own Greencracker – can expound.
  • Another note in the article above is that [Governor Deal is] “asking the Legislature to spend an additional $6.5 million for larger Hope grants for technical college students taking [commercial driving, nursing and early childhood education classes].” We’re giving sign-on bonuses for degrees now? Wouldn’t the market (and adjusted pay for hard to fill jobs) naturally take care of that? Well played, 2.0. Well played.


  1. UpHere says:

    It seems that Mark Butler isn’t out of the woodshed yet either. His administrative staff budget is being slashed….

  2. John Konop says:

    Can we not use preexesting high school buildings at night for college classes to lower the amount of building? Would this not lower the cost for commuter students as well via transportation cost and time management with work?

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