Candidate Throws His Weight Around… Caption Contest

A request to our commenting audience: Please watch the video below, and offer your opinions of Brian Laurens, candidate for State House 21 in a Special Election on February 5, in the form of a caption contest. As you may be aware, no one in the history of the Interwebs has ever offered a “Caption This” contest for a video.* We ARE Internet 3.0 here at Peach Pundit!

The winners to the “Caption This” contest shall receive:

3rd place: A voucher for 2 nights stay at the Methamphetamine 6 Hotel in Calhoun Georgia.

2nd place: Inside betting information for the Super Bowl and March Madness. ($2.99 per minute charge required and 80% guaranteed.)

1st place: An appointment to the recently vacated position at Georgia Public Broadcasting, at a salary of $150,001 per year.

We guarantee will you enjoy these prizes as much as past winners have enjoyed their steak dinners with Debbie Dooley.

*As far as we know, anyway. YMMV.


  1. novicegirl says:

    “How to Win Friends and Influence People”

    If you want to know how he’ll behave as a State Rep., just look at the strings he pulled as 5th Vice Chair of the Cherokee Republican Party and Secretary of the King Henry Homeowner’s Association.

  2. novicegirl says:

    I’m pretty sure the baby was “crying” due to having to sit through Brian’s lengthy analysis as to when you stop at a stop sign and when you just blow through it. It seems to be a flexible legal standard with many variables.

  3. Dave In Decatur says:

    Brian Laurens…..just because he looks like Cartman doesn’t mean he will respect your authoritah

    P.S.: For more fun with Brian Laurens and authority figures, check out this:

    After body checking and grabbing the shoulders of a sergeant-at-arms at the Cherokee GOP Convention, Laurens simply told the Cherokee Tribune that “the sergeant-at-arms was being a little bit outside of his power of what he thought he could and couldn’t do.”

  4. saltycracker says:

    The burning questions are:
    1. How long will it take Laurens to locate and remove all his campaign signs after 2/5 ?
    2. What is a stop sign doing at a roundabout ?
    3. Why is Hickory Rd the long tenacle into the County for Holly Springs ticket revenue ?

    • bgsmallz says:

      Really? Was it too subtle? There is a pun in there about large persons who are round about the waist. ….thus you have multiple flawed roundabouts….Get it?…he’s flawed and the intersection is flawed?…….Is this thing on?…check 1, 2, 3…

      It’s gold, Jerry! Gold!

  5. dicecon says:

    The life of a nice cop.

    The Patient Officer.

    Stop signs- another first world problem.

    Build connections then burn them: How small problems annoy small people and the people they know.

  6. Raleigh says:

    And going for the win,

    “What do you mean I can only get out of a speeding ticket when the legislature is IN session?”

    Thank you. Thank you I would like to forgo the stay at the Meth 6 but the high paying governor appointed job at GPTV which no relevant experience is necessary sounds intriguing.

  7. political arsonist says:

    “Don’t you know who I am?”

    “Name dropping”

    He forgot to ask for the officer’s vote at the end. 🙂

  8. Ghost of William F Buckley says:

    “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves…” Proverbs 31:8

    Each lawmaker is tasked to help make our common lot in life better, within the confines of their POLITICAL belief system. For those who BELIEVE…. we are all judged by a far more STRICT system; the Lord sets a mandate that will not suffer the banal.


  9. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    Good grief, did he leave and then come back to argue with the officer more?

    We don’t need any more of that kind of personality in the state legislature.

    Brian clearly has a problem with letting things go. Perhaps no one ever told him you get further with cops on traffic stops by being nice and not arguing, whether you know you are right or not.

    Calling a city councilman? Really? Quickest way to get a ticket…he should have apologized profusely and said that the screaming baby may have clouded his memory as to whether he came to a full and complete stop or not…then it wouldn’t be on the internet for everyone to see.

    • Howard Roark says:

      If he had said yes sir, my baby is crying, instead of being a smart biblical donkey, he would have probably received a warning.

      • NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

        Exactly. The cop likely has children of his own and would completely sympathize. In our house it would have been the toddler screaming about having to go to the bathroom causing us to drive faster than normal.

        In a slightly related matter…we just had a national spectacle out of neighboring Bartow County with an elected official that felt entitled to a parking space running over a teenager. Please, Cherokee County, spare us this kind of incident in the future and vote for the other guy.

        • Three Jack says:

          As an example of being nice to a cop, I was pulled over by a Holly Springs officer very recently for doing 82 in a 65 on I575. I immediately apologized, used ‘sir’ often, expressed remorse and was eventually handed my license without even receiving a written warning. Had I acted like holier than thou Brian Laurens (I’m on an expressway, there should be no speed limits, I’m calling Tim to have those signs removed), I would be paying a $300+ fine along with adding points to my license.

          Laurens response to a debate question about the incident from his opponent Scot Turner Tuesday: “Wow. That’s quite an accusation,” Laurens said. “A roundabout is designed not to have stop signs, to keep traffic moving. They’re supposed to have yield signs,” he said, adding that he called Downing because Downing was a developer of the neighborhood, not because he is the mayor.

          “I went to court and I paid that ticket, because there was a stop sign there. Should there be? Absolutely not. That’s the only discussion I had with the police officers,” he said.

          Laurens said he is in the process of having his homeowners association petition the city regarding removal of the stop signs.

          “The personal attacking in this race is just unreal,” Laurens said as he ran out of time to answer the question.

  10. NorthGAGOP says:

    If elected I promise to bring the full force of the Governor, Lt. Governor, House Speaker, and GBI upon you, anytime I get stopped for a minor traffic violation.

  11. sunkawakan says:

    Cherokee has become a real cesspool. I’m not suprised, given the number of inverted flags that are flying there.

  12. I agree that the traffic officer wasn’t the appropriate person to be arguing with about the legality / appropriateness of a stop sign in the round about. I don’t know either candidate in this race all that well, though I’ve talked to Brian probably twice in the past. Just for the sake of argument, is it not possible that perhaps he’s fighting for what he believes is right? I haven’t been through that particular intersection, but stop signs in a round about sure sounds odd to me and something I’d probably follow up on with the appropriate people in the county / city as well if I lived around the corner – though not during a traffic stop. Personally, I would think people would want someone fighting for what is right, no?

      • Nope, both conversations were while I was running for office and I called him looking for a source for yard signs. I made a contribution to Brian’s campaign because I liked the platform that he laid out of smaller government without referencing social issues. I’m sure that hefty $10 donation I made to his campaign is going to win me all sorts of favors if he happens to win, right? 😉

        • The Dabler says:

          Without referencing social issues?!? Multiple times he’s posted on Facebook his endorsement from Georgia Right to Life (using a photo of his own baby, I might add). As it stands, regardless if it’s $10 or $100, it’s hard to see your real principled reason when that’s the case.

          Calling the mayor during a traffic stop? Making to comment “I’ll take it up with your superiors”? Having to be told by a sergeant to stop berating his officer for enforcing a law they are required – by law – to enforce. The issue here is not whether to stop was legitimate or illegitimate. The issue here the use of political influence and threats to get out of being held responsible for your actions.

          • How many of those posts about GRTL did he make before my contribution? Are you saying that everyone loses their principles when they make a contribution to a candidate? If so, that’s BS and you know it.

            Re-read what I said above… “I agree that the traffic officer wasn’t the appropriate person to be arguing with about the legality / appropriateness of a stop sign in the round about.” I fully stand by that. He handled the situation differently than I would have and yes, fairly poorly. I’m not making excuses for what he did.

            I’m also not a voter in that district and have never met nor talked with Scot Turner. I’m sure Scot is a nice guy as well, but if you’re representing his campaign, you’re certainly not doing it transparently nor professionally, now are you? (Being that you’re hiding behind an alias and all.) Since you’re using an alias, that kind of prevents anyone from even looking at your contributions to any candidates anywhere, does it not?

          • Three Jack says:


            Ironically the mayor is a Cherokee County deputy for the sheriff’s office. And I agree with you about the issue being BL’s condescending attitude and total disregard for the officer’s position. Based on the video, he’s damn lucky he had a cop with a decent attitude…most would have shut his wide a$$ up right away.

            • The cop certainly handled it better than some would have. I’ve only gotten pulled over a handful of times and I simply give them what they need so I can get on my way.

              (To satisfy Dabler’s disclosure requirements, I’ve been pulled over:

              1. Lilburn for speeding – got a warning
              2. Easley, SC for speeding – got a ticket – 73 in a 55
              3. Ellijay, GA – claimed I squealed my tires after the light turned green, never mind that I was behind a big truck that certainly pulled off slower than it would have allowed me to do that. I can only assume I was a victim of profiling – dark tinted windows on the sports car with shiny wheels – and he needed an excuse. He even asked to smell the contents of my Sobe bottle (which I freely let him do).
              4. Paulding County – speeding – 53 in a 40 I think? Got a warning.

              Dabler – is that satisfactory to you? 😉

              • The Dabler says:

                I think it is completely unnecessary. Everyone who doesn’t obey traffic laws and gets a ticket gets a ticket. Most people don’t threaten to call the Mayor and take it up with the officer’s superiors, and fewer still have done it and then claim they are on the up-and-up as a candidate for public office.

    • novicegirl says:

      Let’s keep it real – there is nothing magnanimous about trying to argue your way out of a traffic ticket. It was pure self-interest. The courtroom was the opportunity for Brian to bring in a graphic of the roundabout, stop sign, and grassy knoll.

      • Three Jack says:

        Beyond the stick figures, having an outdated Romney sticker probably right over where he had the Oxendine one 2 years ago also disqualifies him. You have to wonder if he might have had some Scot Turner yard signs in the back of the van…cop might have missed a chance.

  13. Three Jack says:

    If only BL had the toys his former boss had, this would be a non-issue:

    From CL —

    Two years later, while sitting at a red light in Cobb, he (Oxendine) activated the flashing blue lights on his brand-new, state-issued car, started through the intersection and promptly plowed into a pickup truck.

    Although Oxendine claimed he was responding to an emergency call from his office nearly eight miles away in downtown Atlanta, state investigators later concluded he’d pulled the blue-light special simply because he was running late for a ribbon-cutting photo op. Discovering that the insurance commissioner — who also serves as state fire marshal — had misused emergency equipment on previous occasions, Attorney General Thurbert Baker asked him to remove his lights and sirens. Oxendine did so, but not without calling the request from the Democrat “politically motivated.”

  14. Bob Loblaw says:

    The best caption for this would simply be: “Ladies and Gentlemen, Representative Scot Turner”.

      • saltycracker says:

        You have already confessed to driving a pimpmobile, being profiled and now you are thinking of buying a foreign luxury vehicle ? Your chickens will come home to roost,

        • Well, if it helps, I’m looking at replacing my big SUV (Excursion 4×4 diesel) with two vehicles – another pickup truck for the farm and something comfortable to commute in back and forth to work that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to fill up (16 mpg with a 44 gallon tank at $3.80 a gallon currently) and change the oil (15 quart oil changes are a bit over $100 each) but still has some utility (hence the wagon). My chickens already roost at home, but I’m open to other suggestions that fit my defined needs. 🙂

  15. proudpaulite says:

    My caption submission: “Laurens, stubborn as an ox, takes a roundabout way to get out of a ticket.”

    Possible book title: “How to lose an election in 8 minutes, 27 seconds.”

  16. Doug Deal says:

    Candidate Brian Laurens runs stop sign and offers a roundabout excuse of just trying to get a crying baby home. Minutes later the crying baby arrived home with his infant son.

  17. charliemann says:

    Local cop and politician go round and round and round and round and round…How do I get off this damn thing???

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