Martha Zoller Won’t Run For Georgia GOP Chair

Traded a few emails with Martha Zoller this morning.  The former 9th District Congressional candidate and current radio show host (joining Tim Bryant mornings at WGAU 1340AM) says she will not be a candidate for Georgia’s GOP Chair:

I was asked to consider it.  I did and am not running.  I am very happy with my new show at WGAU and the opportunities at Cox for my future.  I don’t rule out running for something again.

I think Martha continues to play her public role in a smart fashion.  She certainly didn’t harm herself and likely helped her name ID inside and outside the party with her recent Congressional bid.  She has options in both politics and media available to her.  And, most importantly, it appears she’s going to consider all of those on her own terms.


  1. Josh McKoon says:

    Martha is a great conservative voice and whatever the future holds I am sure she will continue to be a forceful advocate for the issues of principle like addressing our national debt crisis.

    • I know you are extremely busy now, but at some point I would like to see your (and other Senators and Rep’s) opinion on the GA Republican Party, including things like its current state, to how you think it supports (or hinders) your position, improvements that you would like to see, etc. I know that you and your colleagues hear a lot of how you ought to be doing your jobs, but I am curious about how you and others perceive the GAGOP.

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