Mass Precinct Online Pre-Registration for Cobb County

The Cobb GOP has opened up online pre-registration for the Precinct Mass Meeting (pg 23 for anyone with insomnia).  The following is an excerpt of an email from Cobb Chairman Joe Dendy.  I’m thoroughly pleased that Cobb was “first to market” with online registration last cycle.  This year voter data is immediately sync’d with the Secretary of State data to confirm voter status.

Last year, the Cobb GOP introduced the first online pre-registration for Precinct Mass Meetings available in the state, and it was very successful with about 2/3 of the attendees taking advantage of the pre-registration. This made it possible to have everyone checked in and seated ten minutes before the starting time.

This year we are proud to announce we have taken this process to a fully automated platform. Beginning tomorrow morning (January 21) at 8:00 a.m., Pre-registration for the Precinct Mass Meeting will open. Pre-registration is a two step process and is very user friendly and easy to follow.

The registration screens will now capture pertinent information that allows us to access the Secretary of State’s website and confirm your voter status immediately. … As a pre-registered attendee the only information needed when you arrive on February 9th is a valid government issued photo ID, like a Georgia drivers license, military ID card, passport, etc.

Bridg Note: Although I registered online last time, I was not entered under “returning user.”  Go ahead and just register as a new person.  I submitted my information and immediately got an email with details of the mass meeting, a confirmation of my login information, and a link to complete registration.  When I clicked the link, I got a “Verification. Registration Successful.”  If you click “Proceed to Registration”, it takes you to your Personal Info page.  From there you can  see that you’re pre-registered, your Voter Information Data (sync’d with SOS records), and a list of your District numbers.

High five, Cobb GOP.  “COBB: We have our $#!% together.”  You can trademark that if you’d like 😉


  1. GAgadfly says:

    David, you may have missed the email because Joe Dendy doesn’t seem to consider you a TRUE Republican. Here is some of the language in the recent email he sent announcing the online registration:

    “Republicans believe in smaller government, lower taxes, strong national defense and personal responsibility. We believe in supporting and working to elect Republican candidates, after which we believe in holding these elected officials responsible. We ARE NOT democrats nor libertarians! We are REPUBLICANS, and although it may not be perfect, it is OUR party.

    Every TRUE Republican is invited to participate in the Precinct Mass Meeting which will be held February 9, 2013 at Roswell Street Baptist Church.”

    Apparently Joe needs to learn the difference between ideology and party, and also needs to learn that capitalization matters. Aren’t we all democrats, as in “believe in democracy?” Can’t we be philosophically libertarian, while still being dedicated to the Republican party? Not is JOE’S party, it would seem.

    This is the sort of mindset that appears to have infected Republican party leadership at many levels, and will only serve to limit our growth and future sustainability. Mr. Dendy and other party leaders need to remember Reagan’s 80/20 rule: Someone that agrees with you 80% of the time is an 80% friend and ally, not a 20% traitor.

    • Three Jack says:

      Thanks for posting the email GAgadfly, it almost made me spew my Dew.

      “Republicans believe in smaller government, lower taxes, strong national defense and personal responsibility. We believe in supporting and working to elect Republican candidates, after which we believe in holding these elected officials responsible…”

      I can’t wait for the ‘holding responsible’ part to happen. In the meantime, the GOP will continue to be the squatter home for wayward Libertarians like myself who continue to hold out hope for the principles Joe mentioned to actually be the focus of the party again.

      • Napoleon says:

        Hmmm. If he spelled “libertarian” with a small “l” then I guess I’m out. I’ve always considered myself more in the libertarian wing of the party (because I’m not as extreme libertarian as most members of the Libertarian Party (capital “L”) ) and have not missed a mass precinct meeting since 2001. I guess though I am no longer welcome.

    • I’ll put together a separate post at some point of why I’m pushing these mass meetings so much. I consider this to be a tipping point year of what our county will look like in the next five years.

      Our party has all kinds. I didn’t include the info above in this post because I personally felt it was counter-productive to our goals. That’s my opinion. I’m not Chairman though, so the email isn’t drafted from my point of view.

      It is no secret that I’m more socially liberal than most in the Cobb GOP. There’s not one person there who believes in personal responsibility more than I do though. or small government. or lower taxes. or strong national defense. By the same token, most Libertarians believe in much of the ideals, but are usually against our national defense plan.

      I can say this for Joe. He’s never tried to censor anything I’ve chosen to write about the Cobb GOP or our candidates. He is accessible. He delegates. There have been great strides in the Cobb GOP’s use of technology – and he isn’t even a big fan of email. There have been great strides in our amount of communication – and he’s not a writer nor a web designer. Joe’s steered the ship well.

      Get involved, make a positive difference from the inside, pull with us….Or….STHU.

      • GAgadfly says:

        Bridget, I agree that the language I posted is counter-productive to our goals- that is why I posted it, so that people might see the mindset that Joe has towards those that may not toe the line on what he sees as a TRUE Republican. This language is part of a pattern of things I have heard from him, both publicly and privately, especially regarding new, younger, more libertarian leaning (potential) members of the party.

        I don’t dispute that he has been effective in many of the ways that you mention. But an attitude focused on growing the party, and being inclusive of people that agree with you on more things than they disagree, is just as important as being an effective manager.

    • “Republicans believe in smaller government, lower taxes, strong national defense and personal responsibility.” ….. “We ARE NOT democrats nor libertarians!”

      Errm, does Joe know what a libertarian is? 🙂

      I’m not sure why I didn’t get the e-mail… I get all of his others – even the one asking for a handyman / plumber back on January 10th. It’s not in my spam folder either. Perhaps I somehow got removed from the mailing list? I guess it’s far enough away from the election that I can go ahead and say it publicly, that I guess I’m going to be getting a bit more active in the GOP. The state obviously isn’t ready for a third party quite yet and while I may not agree with the GOP on various social issues, I agree with the ideals stated above. So I guess that’s my best vehicle for hopefully implementing those ideals for the time being.

      As for the “strong national defense” that Bridget mentions, libertarians do believe in a strong national defense. It’s the offense / nation building that we typically have problems with.

      But with the stated goals above, I’m assuming then that there will be no “Republicans” at the meeting that believe in larger government and higher taxes? I guess we’re not going to see Tim Lee or a variety of other county leaders there then, right? 😉

      • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

        “The state obviously isn’t ready for a third party quite yet…”

        Did I miss something?…Because most Georgians are still searching for evidence of the first two parties as the Republicans in charge have only proven themselves to be largely incompetent over the first decade of their dominance and the opposing Democrats are largely non-existent, particularly on the statewide political scene.

        • That’s been my issue as well. 4 out of 5 of Cobb’s Board of Commissioners claim to be Republicans, but yet certain commissioners and the chair have little regard for property rights and consider the county to be a large HOA instead of a county government. As well, they raise taxes and threaten that if they don’t, we’ll have to eliminate fire and police protection instead of cutting back on some other non-essential services. I know there are a lot of Republicans who are upset that so many elected Republicans don’t espouse those values that Joe mentions above. But it takes the people who elected them to hold their feet to the fire and ensure that they’re upholding the values of the party they ran under. If they don’t believe in smaller government and lower taxes, then perhaps they should have run as a Democrat.

          • Three Jack says:

            David, you left out the recent announcement from Chairmeister Lee seeking a 3% pay increase. And you are absolutely correct in your analysis of their GOP credentials based on little to no regard for property rights.

            It’s nice to put out an email like Joe’s, but quite another to actually act. I anxiously await seeing the Cobb GOP hold elected officials responsible for their actions…it will be a first for them or any other GA GOP organization.

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