Republicans Appoint Mary Norwood To Fulton Elections Board

First, the actual news, from the Fulton County Republican Party:

– Amid calls for the Fulton County Department of Elections and Registration to “regroup” and the resignation of a key Fulton County Republican Party member on the Board of Elections, the Fulton County Republican Party takes steps to restore confidence and professionalism to the Board by nominating former Atlanta mayoral candidate, Mary Norwood, for immediate appointment to the Fulton County Elections Board to be ratified by the Fulton County Commission.

Well, that’s not that unusual.  The Fulton Republican Party gets an appointment and they appointed Norwood.  Except that Norwood came just short of being Atlanta’s mayor….because she was accused of being a Republican.

Other significance in this appointment is that it was Norwood, who after her Mayoral race attempted in 2009 to get on the ballot as an independent – discovered that there are many voters still registered and voting at addresses that are now vacant lots where housing projects used to be.  After complaining repeatedly to the Secretary of State’s office, an official investigaton was opened in December 2011.  The SOS office has refused comment on this investigation at least 4 times to me, as recently as last summer’s primary runoffs, citing “ongoing investigation”.  They will not say if voters voted from addresses that don’t exist, or if there has been attempts to remove voters who don’t appear to exist themsevels.

The SOS has been really good at assembling press outside his office so he can be shown wringing his hands after on each election night and pointing fingers at the Fulton Elections Board, as if he as the statewide constitutional officer in charge of operating safe and secure elections hasn’t known this has been a problem for years and that the problems continue, at each election, as if they are a surprise.

Now, with Norwood about to be on the Fulton County Board, there is someone who also understands that these problems are deep and ongoing….and that the SOS’s office has been aware of them for a long, long time.


  1. atlanta_advocate says:

    Bad move for Ms. Norwood. She has no chance of beating Kasim Reed for re-election, but she would have had a very strong chance of winning afterwards, primarily because there are no high profile candidates left. The Maynard Jackson machine is gone, and the city and county commissioners are not respected. But by strongly identifying herself as a GOPer, her chances of getting elected mayor are gone, just as no Democrat is going to win an election of consequence in Gwinnett, Cobb, Cherokee, Forsyth etc.

    And by identification with the city of Atlanta/Fulton County, that automatically makes her a RINO, meaning that she can’t run for another office and advance up the GOP ranks i.e. Congress, mid-level executive etc. Karen Handel found that out. So, I don’t know how this moves helps her long term political career ambitions.

    • Tiberius says:

      If we are going to look at this from a purely electoral perspective, let’s not forget there may be one or two new Fulton County Commission seats next year drawn by Republicans.

  2. South Fulton Guy says:


    Fulton County’s problems are due to institutional problems with Fulton County Registration and Elections and meddling by their Board of Commissions, who only holds the purse strings and not any statutory authority over Elections – yet they even butt in on the last several failed hires of Elections Director . You blaming the Secretary of State for these longstanding issues, that predate his tenure and existed with prior SOS administrations, makes you sound like Fulton County Commissioner Emma Darnell contending that SOS is picking on Fulton County. Good Grief

  3. seekingtounderstand says:

    Mr. Kemp is running for………………Governors office?
    Do we trust Mr. Kemp when using words to describe to citizens exactly what they are voting for?
    Do we trust Mr. Kemp to do the right thing to demand honest elections.
    NO< remember when he runs for higher office Georgia Citizens.
    This person never stood up for honest elections.

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