Morning Reads for Friday, January 18, 2013

– Money money money money money money. MON-EY.
– Georgia’s deep-pocketed political donors.
– State denies vanity plates in typical nonsensical manner.
Oh noes!
– Georgia’s jobless rate inches up, unexpectedly.
Don’t like the idea of a new stadium? Well, send a letter!
– Point. Counterpoint.
– Todd Grantham being courted by Philadelphia Eagles?

The Argument Room.
– Keep an eye on Sen. Paul Rand.
– Has that silly Rangel even been to the South?
– What do YOU think is driving up the cost of government?
– Interesting analysis on political polarization.
– More Big Brother hoopla.
– UF opens up The Fulmer Cup in grand style. Wait. A moped?

Random Everywhere:
– Bet you won’t find this in Life’s Little Instruction Book.
Whhhhhhaaaat? The Mayans were wrong AND Charlemagne never existed?
Patrick Stewart to reprise Dr. X in X-Men:Days of Future Past.

Ehhh, who cares about politics, when there’s a BIG GAME this Sunday?

Falcons! Falcons! Falcons!
– Falcons are underdogs for the NFC game. Make the pundits eat their words!
– Watch out for fake tickets.


  1. Andre says:

    Since Rangel went there, allow me to point out that all the recent mass shootings took place in states that voted for Obama. Meanwhile, back here in the little ol’ South, our responsible gun owners have been stopping criminals where they stand.

  2. John Vestal says:

    The last Neal Boortz Show (save any future ‘fill-in’ roles) begins in a few minutes. You can listen here.

    Love, hate, indifference….whatever you feel for The Talkmaster, it’s definitely been a helluva ride. I’m going to miss his show.

    • Noway says:

      Very true, John. I’ve been listening since WRNG. Best in the business! Spot on most of the time, too. WSB has a huge void to fill! They better be glad they got Rush or talk-radio-wise, they’d be in huge trouble. Herman won’t last a year.

  3. saltycracker says:

    Summary in the link to where the govt spends:

    “We may have gone from conceiving of government as an entity that builds roads, dams and airports, provides shared services like schooling, policing and national parks, and wages wars, into the world’s largest insurance broker.”

    My New Year’s wish is that the Keynesians in the left move them to spending on public projects and away from the radical redistribution of money for individuals and favored corporations.

  4. saltycracker says:

    DeKalb – If the County/City governments aren’t making headlines, the schools are. A few folks are rising up to change that. We applaud those who, for personal reasons, will devote the time to battle against the odds for the coming decades. Those that have other priorities in their time, accept the conditions or lack the wealth to shoulder the increasing costs or for insulation from the stress will improve their lifestyle living elsewhere.
    Same for Fulton, Cobb, Gwinnett, Clayton…..

  5. Three Jack says:

    Sen. Loudermilk thinks it is time for white people to apologize for slavery again —

    Loudermilk explains why he filed the resolution, — “I can only tell you what they told me is, one, they felt this needed to come from a white member of the Legislature because it would be more meaningful than if it came from within the Black Caucus,” he said. “And, two, they said they believed that I had a pure heart and I would be doing (this) out of pureness not out of political gain.”

    So the ‘pure hearted’ white senator called a press conference to announce the resolution because he obviously did this with no intent of political gain.

      • Lea Thrace says:

        To clarify, I do not understand why this non binding (I am assuming) resolution is defeated time and time again. Where is the hurt? Is it not generally accepted that slavery was a very very bad and dark thing?

        • Three Jack says:


          Why are people opposed? Because there have been many apologies issued over the years along with other acts of contrition. Time to move on.

          With regards to the this bit of political gamesmanship, I have one question; Did Mr. Pure Heart actually want to lead this charge because he really feels another apology needs to be issued from another white public official? Or does he seek publicity?

          • Noway says:

            Bingo! What are you preparing to run for, Barry? Lt. Gov. is my guess. Gov? What statewide office do you have your eye on?

      • saltycracker says:

        Many times reasonable apologies or positions get translated into something due some group.
        Do these type of legislative empty gestures open any door to repatriation settlements?
        Could this be done in conjuction with eliminating affirmative action ?

        • Noway says:

          Eliminating it? Really, Salty? You do not actually believe that will ever happen do you? It’s like a budget cut (not reduction in rate of growth) of any significant dollar amount. Ain’t gonna ever happen. Ever. Take a gander at the federal budget for the last 25 years, just as an example. Have anyyyyyyyy of them been less than the previous year? Nope. And all of these s**tbag politicians of both parties giving lip service to cutting something? Pulleeeeze….Bill Safire once called Hillary a “congenital liar.” It applies to all of them and their motives.

      • Noway says:

        The slaves were freed 150 years ago. Tens of thousands of lives were lost to right that wrong. Enough already! Enough feel good platitudes, ribbons, candle light vigils and hand wringing. And whenever a POLITICIAN wants to do something out of the goodness of his heart, watch out, he or she is looking to score political points and nothing else. Used to think Loudermilk had substance. No more. So typically typical.

  6. saltycracker says:

    Al Gore has increased his net worth since running for Prez from $2 million to $300 million(CNBC). The Al Jazera check cleared and his Apple Board member stock option of $7 (now $500) was exercised for a $29 million plus gain. He tried to beat the capital gains increase but missed it.

    Considering this & that he is not big on charities the Romney haters should have a new champion in greed.

    • analogkid says:

      Worse, after 2 years in the position, his pension will be based on the$150k salary instead of his meager senator salary.

      Nice golden parachute for the Chipster.

    • Will Durant says:

      Win-Win for the Governor. He gets rid an embarrassment to the party who happens to be the nemesis of his buddy Casey Cagle and slips a turd into the punchbowl at GPB. In other forums I’ve noticed that 100% of those that mention donations to GPB will not be doing so in the future while Mr. Rogers is in their employ. Of course yet again this is a lose-lose for the taxpayers. Thank ya Guv, may we have another?

    • Harry says:

      HP spent 10s of billions on failed acquisitions such as Autonomy, and now Caterpillar doing the same in China. Obviously those high level legal and financial advisors are a waste of money.

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