Pro-2nd Amendment Rally At The State Capitol This Saturday

I heard about this event this morning from a co-worker.  Guns Across America is coordinating peaceful pro-2nd amendment rallies at state capitols across the nation this Saturday, and there will be a rally in Georgia.  They’ll be gathering in the plaza out in front of the Washington Street side of the Capitol this Saturday, January 19th at 1p.  Attendees are encouraged to bring pro-gun and pro-2nd amendment signs.  I’m not sure who, if anyone, will be speaking to the crowd, but I’m sure the Facebook page for the event (linked above) will provide additional details.


    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      So what are you saying? That anyone who legally owns and lawfully possesses a firearm is crazy?

      What about all of the criminals throughout the metro area that commit violent and deadly crimes, often with illegally-possessed firearms? Why not the same amount of disdain and venom for the animals who maim and kill innocent people?

      • SallyForth says:

        No, LDIG, what he’s saying is that the people who go to the rally will be crazies who present the wrong image for the legal gun owners you describe.

        Like salty says, anybody who does the other things you mention on Saturday go to the top of Darwin’s list of idiots.

        • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

          It’s not the so-called “crazies” with lawfully-possessed firearms who commit the overwhelming majority of gun crime in this or any other town (see Chicago where all gun ownership is effectively illegal and yet, they still had over 500 homicides last year), it’s the criminals (often career criminals a.k.a. “the animals”) who kick down doors and run into houses, hunt down and shoot innocent people hiding in closets and attics.

          They talk about the wrong image being presented for LEGAL gun owners (a.k.a. people who have NEVER so much as committed an illegal act with their LEGALLY-owned guns), but those same people who talk about “image” (a.k.a. gun-grabbers who present any available reason possible to take away lawfully-owned and lawfully-possessed firearms) never seem to have any derisive or snide remarks for the murderous animals (without concealed-carry permits, if I may add) who commit multiple and numerous violent crimes with ILLEGAL guns.

          For the anti-2nd Amendment gun-grabbers there is NO such thing as a right image for law-abiding legal gun owners and there is no difference between lawfully-possessed firearms and illegally-possessed firearms. In their eyes, if someone has a gun then they are bad (unless, of course, it is a career criminal who has the firearm, in which case it is and only can be society’s fault).

          If it was up to the gun-grabbers, even the cops would be disarmed. Sheesh.

  1. analogkid says:

    “Guns Across America.”

    I can’t decide if that’s a great name for a gun advocacy group or the best name ever.

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