Morning Reads 1/16/13

Free Phones will soon be Five Dollar Phones. I like mine on flatbread with spicy mustard.

Sen. Crane to everyone else: “You shall rue the day you gave power back to Cagle. RUE IT.

Adult justice reform still a hot topic ’round the Gold Dome. Here’s how you fix the “justice system.” Make a Domestic Relations Court. That will clear the path for everything else to be handled efficiently. Oh, and fix the laws that overly favor mega-banks that are killing both consumers and community banks.

Georgia Soldier dies in Florida; overturns vehicle.

North Georgia man threatens to eat Superior Court Judge’s family.

Whether the Lord is willing or not, the creeks may rise. Now if the Falcons can just Rise Up.

Forestry; an economic engine?

Georgia Tech students robbed at gun point. Word from inside the Tech campus is that students will soon be armed with Robocop-esque minions. Criminals, be wary.

Hospital beds. The perfect thing to tax.

The Bibb County Board of Education just can’t stay out of litigation. Hopefully, newcomer Jason Downey helps straighten those folks out.

I’m glad this happened. Likely the worst restaurant of the kind I’ve been to.

For your ears. Let’s take bets on how long the legislative session lasts.


    • Baker says:

      Theres no way he gets elected. This guy is nuts. I read that interview and this stuck out to me:

      “GERAGHTY: There was a CNN article about your engagement last year. Did you marry Ms. Chapur?

      SANFORD: I’m going to marry her, it’s just that simple. . . . It got pushed back with this latest exercise, and our early summer activity is looking like a late summer activity, and I’ll leave it at that.”

      Similar to Glenn Richardson, get everything else in your life sorted before you try to get back into the nastiness that is politics.

      If Sanford really loves this woman, marry her first, then wait a little more, then get back into it. This just makes no sense to me. Sounds like he has his priorities turned around.

      Not that we have the right to dictate the behaviour of every public official but thats how it will be perceived I think and will hurt his political chances.

      I’m also genuinely concerned about the man and the woman. How is Ms. Chapur going to like going through a campaign season? Not that she’ll be going on the trail with him probably but every time she goes to a Starbucks or the gas station, someone will be there to put a microphone in her face. Does she live in SC now or is Mssr Sanford also an Argentinian resident?

      A SC Congressional campaign doesnt normally catch much attention, but this story is so bizarre and it’ll be another great opportunity for the national media to repeatedly slam a once-prominent Republican. Microphones will also be shoved in the face of Jenny Sanford every time she goes anywhere. And apparently she’s not shy of talking. They’re adults and certainly will do what they want but come on.

      …what are blogs for other than to speculate about the campaigns of former governors and their former/ current mistresses/ fiancees?…

      • Three Jack says:

        Baker, Bill Clinton was elected president twice in spite of many alleged affairs. While I’m not a huge fan of extra curricular activities while married, if cheating on a spouse disqualifies one from seeking public office, we will lose a bunch of otherwise qualified candidates. Sanford is from the district, been there most of his life…he will be a formidable candidate.

        • Dave Bearse says:

          The affair, and lying about it, is one thing. The Governor of a state leaving the country for a few days to go on a date is called deserting your post.

  1. ieee says:

    These articles show that Georgia needs to be a leader and have a public Domestic Abusers Registry and a Gun Offenders Registry, along with a whole collection of adjunct harassment/punishment laws that are only for people listed on those Registries (e.g. Registrants may not live near college campuses). There are no legitimate excuses that those Registries do not already exist. Only lies.

    • Lea Thrace says:

      Yes. We know. You dont like sex offender registries and you hate that youre on one.

      Your feelings have been acknowledged.

      Can you find a different note now?


      • ieee says:

        This is about two Registries and protecting children. If it saves one child, it’s worth it.

        Do you not agree that people who point guns at people are dangerous? Do you think they should be living next to schools, parks, bus stops, etc.? That does make it convenient for them. They don’t have to go to the schools, they can sit on their porches and shoot children from there.

        Domestic Abusers are not dangerous either? Do you want them babysitting your children? How can we have nanny governments without them protecting our children?

        The fact that these two Registries and many others have not existed for over a decade is absolute proof that we aren’t really actually serious about “public safety”, “protecting children”, or any of those other tired, blatant lies. What we are really serious about is hatred and harassment. THAT is one of the key attributes of Americans.

  2. DavidTC says:

    Oh, good. They’ve decided to step in and stop the free-phone abuse…in the most idiotic way possible.

    Firstly, many of those people can’t _pay_ five dollars a month. Hence the entire damn point of this program, to get phones to those people. I love the way that somehow nickle and diming the poor doesn’t cause any problems. It’s not like a poor person would ever have to choose between paying his phone bill and eating another day, or that this program is specifically set up to stop that from happening. Seriously, five dollars? The cost of just buying a pre-paid cell phone is like $15 a month! The premise of this program is that those people _can’t afford that_.

    Secondly, as the article points out, these are pre-paid phones, and hence setting up some sort of monthly billing is impossible. How do you charge a monthly fee on a _pre-paid_ phone? How do you know when they’ve stopped using it? What sort of gibber-gabber is this?

    Third, what if the poor people mysteriously cannot _afford_ this payment? (Poor people being unable to afford things this is a crazy idea, I know.) Do they have their ‘service’ cut off? Perhaps, just like this is a program for people who could not afford normal phones and had their service cut off, we can make *another* program to cover people who can’t afford *this*. Or we can just realize how completely and utterly stupid this is.

    The _actual_ problem with the free cell phone thing is the inefficiency and how the system encourages people to get multiple phones so when one cuts off the other still works. And the company running the system loves this because they get paid per phone…in fact, they’d love it if people would walk in and take a thousand phones. There is actually a limit, you get one a month or whatever, but the system encourages ‘hoarding’, and if everyone has spare phones, some of those phones are going to get lost, and they’ll get another one, and, tada, we’ve just paid for a phone that was never used. (And this is assuming that none of the people with said phones don’t resell them.)

    The obvious damn solution is to simply change the system to giving people (Or just asking charities to step up) one physical cell phone, and then having some sort of low minutes plan they can sign up for for free if they’re on welfare or whatever else qualifies them. There really are enough unused phones floating around that we shouldn’t be_buying_ them for poor people, that’s a place charity could actually produce all needed phones. Or, hell, just let the cell companies donate old phones for a tax write off. Then just hand out SIM cards with 240 minutes a month or whatever.

    Or, even better, just go to all _existing_ cell phone companies, and say ‘Look, we want you to make a non-public plan of X minutes, and we will pay you $Y a month for everyone we put on this plan, and you bill us instead of them.’ And then people who are on, for example, AT&T but lose their job and can’t pay their bill, apply to this program, and they just get switched to that plan, but are still on AT&T and don’t have to change phones or numbers or anything. As a bonus to make cell phone companies participate, this could just ‘pause’ the customer’s contract, as opposed to what normally happens, in that the customer just can’t pay so leaves and their contract is never paid off.

    And I love the idiot in the article who says he considers cell phones a luxury. Hey, idiot…people on this program do not have landlines. In fact, this program used to be for people to get landlines, but it switched to cell phones because *cell phones are cheaper*.

    Anyone who can stand with a straight face and say that people do not need a _telephone_ really should not hold any elected office. Not that we shouldn’t supply them, that’s a reasonable position that people can take, but that they don’t _need_ one? That person is officially too stupid to be in government.

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