1. gchidi says:

    Wow. Not a whole lot of committee value being a Democrat in this legislature. Two to one, three to one, on the power committees four to one, R to D. I know over time with demographics this is going to change, but man … what a trip to see.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      Democrats are on the short end of a legislative supermajority, they should be happy that the Republican supermajority has been so generous so as to let anyone with a (D) beside their name appear anywhere on the list in any significant numbers.

      If Democrats would like to play more of a meaningful role in the Georgia Legislature in the future, they will have to do as the Republicans did for 140+ years when they were out of power and build their party organization at the grassroots level while biding their time for the next decade or so, so that they’ll be in position to compete statewide when those demographic changes finally begin to kick-in in a politically meaningful way, likely sometime in the late ’20’s.

      (One would also hope that Georgia Democrats would moderate their far-left positions a little and back off of the far-left political ledge so that their message and values are more consistent with and appealing to more voters in a very-conservative/libertarian state, but I know that is not likely to happen.)

    • UpHere says:

      Exactly how many R were on any significant committees when the D were the majority? There are still Rs that remember that, you know. Don’t expect them to be so generous when they were on the receiving end of it for 144 years.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      It can also be about more than simply power and control. There’s a $173 tax free per diem dollars to collect for that brief committee meeting that just happened to be scheduled on that odd day all by itself.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    Is Larry O’Neal, Sonny Perdues’ good friend and perhaps personal attorney who altered legislation to give Perdue a $100,000 state income tax break, seriving on the Ethics Committee indicative of what should be expected in terms of Ethics this session?

    One Democrat and six Republicans on the MARTOC Committee?co

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