Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 15th, 2013


  • Legislative session opens with dissent (FloridaTimesUnion)
  • Mixed views on Deal’s Bed Tax Circumvent (AJC)
  • Atlanta school board considers its own police  (AJC)
  • “Around Town” wishes local pol lunacy would cease (MDJ)
  • A year from now, Savannah’s Mayor hopes to preen (SavannahMorningNews)
  • Calvin Smyre remains the Dean (Columbus)
  • Pat Gardner says Medicaid expansion, not cuts (Saportareport)
  • Tom Baxter on Gold Dome nuts (Saportareport)


  • Keynes, trains and automobiles (The Economist)
  • The Science of Why We Don’t Believe Science-based Appeals (Mother Jones)
  • False balance: Fox News demands a recount on US’ warmest year (arstechnica)
  • For the ‘Party of Eisenhower and Reagan’, shed a tear (The Atlantic)
  • This Isn’t the Petition Response You’re Looking For (White House)
  • Chuck Hagel: On Foreign Policy and More (Foreign Affairs)
  • Everything We Know So Far About A Drone Strike (ProPublica)
  • Chuck Hagel: On Foreign Policy and More (Foreign Affairs)
  • What no ethics laws really looks like (ChicagoMagazine)
  • Clarence Thomas Finally Speaks (CNN)
  • President Bush finally home after hospital stay of seven weeks (Reuters)



(It’s MLK’s bday today, I know, we’ll wait for Monday)



    • Stefan says:

      You post these all the time. PP isn’t the most efficient medium for getting out campus alerts hours after they occur, so please add some context. Is this part of a trend, or something you feel local or state government should address…? How should they do so? Etc.

      • mountainpass says:

        Stefan, This is a website that many lawmakers read. It is a trend that continues unaffected by all the cameras, equipment, manpower, etc thrown at the problem. I feel the “Pretend Gun Free Zone” surrounding these campuses is mostly to blame for the crime in them. The lawmakers, unless they read this space, may well not know about these incidents as no news agency has reported these crimes yet. Sometimes the crimes in them never get covered by the press…not sure why. So it’s my small way of trying to get this issue addressed.

        I thought that the news threads were open threads where news could posted? If I am doing wrong by posting in them I will stop.

        • Stefan says:

          You are correct, this is the place to post that, but I would urge that you add context to what you post. Linking to an alert doesn’t do that. What you wrote above does. Now someone can respond to you in a way they cannot to a simple link posting.

            • Stefan says:

              News stories provide the context, but I am not going to argue with you. I was trying to help you explain your point of view for the reader – it may seem self-evident but it is not.

              • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

                Stefan, mountainpass posted the report of yet another armed robbery (in a long string of armed robberies) on Georgia Tech’s campus and provided context preceding the link with the statement “2 armed robberies on campus at GA Tech last night. The alert sent out info on both, but so far only one is listed on Tech’s crime page:”

                You just seem to be mad because the context and the link that mountainpass provided goes against a “gun control” agenda that, given your political persuasion, one could presume you to be strongly for.

                Though one could be always be wrong. Who knows? Stefan could be an avid hunter and a strong proponent of the 2nd Amendment and the God-given gun rights that it affirms.

                • Stefan says:

                  You could presume, not so sure how right you’d be.

                  He posts these crime links quite often, but without context I’m not sure what his point was. I honestly thought it was “colleges are unsafe”. Turns out he thinks that’s because of gun free zones. That’s important information that doesn’t necessarily flow from just posting crime links. Unless, I would just presume to know what he is thinking, but that’d be bit daft, to assume I knew all about someone’s belief structure based on a little information.

                  • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

                    I kind of see what you’re saying, though it’s not as if the repeated and frequent violent and deadly robberies of college students on and near the Georgia Tech campus are a news story that anyone who has watched local television over the past five years is not familiar with.

                    For me personally, the context that mountainpass posts before those links to reports of continued violent crime on and near the Georgia Tech campus is enough to make me aware of what is going on as the link to news that often may not be reported on the local news (not violent or bloody enough for them) is greatly appreciated.

  1. Scott65 says:

    Interesting article on Japan (keyenes trains, etc). Seems someone is finally waking up to the fact that austerity is bad policy. Japan has a much higher debt/gdp than the US yet they borrow at the same low rates. They are going to be spending huge amounts of yen…making their exports cheap by lowering the yens value. The markets are already responding positively. To bad our elected officials are more concerned about dogma than the right answer (federal not state…fyi…although thats a whole other subject)

    • Baker says:

      If only we had done a stimulus project that actually spent money on trains or planes or anything really other than just dumping money into still insolvent state pension funds and unions and bailing out bad banks, bad car companies, and bad housing strategy.

      Q: What percent of our stimulus was actually spent on infrastructure?
      A: Less than 5%

      Thanks folks.

      Even if you abhor FDR and think the CCC, WPA, and whatever else was a total waste, you have to admit that we still get to enjoy and marvel at a lot of the projects they did. Think there will be any lingering awesomeness from the Obama stimulus?…..That is a negative ghost rider.

  2. Three Jack says:

    The article about Hagel rightly facing GOP scrutiny ties in with a column posted by Mornin Joe today in defense of Colin Powell —

    In this column, Scarborough continues his ongoing attempt to win favor with his fellow liberal media types by jumping on the Colin Powell is The Man bandwagon. Scarborough heaps big praise on the former SecState while conveniently ignoring the fact that Powell voted for Obama twice mostly due to skin color over character. It’s also interesting that Mornin Joe leaves out any mention of Powell’s UN speech which coincidentally goes against Hagel’s views on foreign intervention (and Joe’s at this time even though it is likely he will change his position again soon). The GOP needs leadership from the likes of Powell and Hagel about as much as it needs wackjobs like Akin and Murdoch or advice from a morning cable TV host.

    • Lea Thrace says:

      Um. When did Powell say he voted for the President because of his skin color?

      I’m not sure he’s ever said that. I think many have speculated that is the reason but I dont see what that is based on exactly? Please enlighten me.

      • Three Jack says:

        Lea, I had a quote from him that I used 4 years ago, but can’t locate it. Something to do with Powell’s pronouncement that America electing a black president would electrify the world if I recall correctly. Then he proceeded to go against every principle he previously espoused in endorsing Obama.

        • Lea Thrace says:

          Yeah. Im gonna need to see that quote or link. Otherwise its more bs. Ive seen your conjecture posted by others on the internet but no one can ever give me a source. Its a pet peeve of mine when ideas are attributed to people and it is based on absolutely nothing!

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