What I’ve Heard Today — GAGOP Chairman’s Race

The GAGOP Chairman’s race has been uncharacteristically quiet.  An interesting contrast from 2 years ago.  However, I’ve heard a little bit of buzz about Martha Zoller, radio host, TEA Party and Republican activist, and former congressional candidate, running for the top spot of the Georgia Republican Party.  Then I heard that former Senator Chip Pearson sent an email this weekend announcing that he has withdrawn from the race.  Galloway has the email text.  That leaves current Chairman of 2nd Vice B.J. VanGundy as the only candidate actively seeking the position.

From what I understand, Zoller has said that she doesn’t want the state chairman’s job.  However, that could have changed since Pearson dropped out of the race.

I’m currently staying neutral in the race for state chairman until I see who all will decide to jump in, but I will say that it would be interesting to see how active the TEA Party would get to elect Martha Zoller as chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.

Let your imagination and speculation go wild in the comments.


  1. tdk790 says:

    Would Zoller’s new radio show prevent her from being able to run?

    Ginger Howard may think about it since she barely lost the Committeewoman race last year.

    • Nathan says:

      I’ve heard the same thing about Ginger. I don’t think the radio show would necessarily prevent Martha from running….I suppose that’s something the radio station, Martha, and the Georgia GOP would have to discuss. It may be in the state rules, but I’m not sure.

      • There is nothing in the Rules that would prevent Martha from doing both. The responsibilities of the GAGOP Chair from the Rules are listed below. There is a LOT of prep work that is done by radio hosts in addition to the on air time, so I think that a daily radio show would make it difficult to wear all the hats called out by the Rules, but it would not be impossible. I have personally heard Ginger’s name mentioned as a potential First Vice-Chair candidate.


        The State Chairman shall be the Chief Executive Officer, chairman of the State Committee,
        chairman of the State Executive Committee and spokesman of the GRP and shall perform the
        duties required by these Rules, the State Convention, the State Committee, and the State
        Executive Committee. The State Chairman shall convene the State Committee and the State
        Executive Committee when the needs of the GRP require or at such other time as specified in
        Rule 4.1. The State Chairman shall preside at all State Committee meetings and State Executive Committee meetings and at all State Conventions until temporary organization of the Convention is completed. The State Chairman shall appoint all pre-convention committees with the approval of the State Executive Committee. The State Chairman shall be responsible for the general direction of the GRP. The State Chairman shall, with the approval of a majority of the State Executive Committee, appoint the General Counsel and Finance Chairman who shall be voting members of the State Committee and the State Executive Committee. The State Chairman shall appoint other members as provided in Section 2.2(0)(3) and such other members as he deems necessary, who shall be non-voting members of the State Committee and shall fill any vacancies which shall occur in such positions due to death, resignation or removal. The State Chairman shall remove such officers and dissolve such committees when he deems desirable.

  2. KD_fiscal conservative says:

    Martha is a lot more than a “tea party candidate”. From my experience TP’ers positions are moving increasingly outside of the mainstream and they don’t seem to have much pull. I think Martha is the perfect person to head up the GA-GOP, but it will be interesting to watch if she starts moving away from the “TP/firebrand” label to someone who can bring together the different wings of the party.

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