So what I heard… 1/14/13

Senator Fran Millar will not be reappointed as Education Chairman. This is apparently retaliation for not supporting Casey Cagle.


  1. Charlie says:

    Josh McKoon has posted on Facebook that he’ll chair Senate Judiciary. Not only is that a fairly plum assignment (especially for a sophomore), but given that he was the guy no one would talk to last year, it hopefully says a bit about the direction the Senate is headed.

  2. Howard Roark says:

    I also heard that Tommie Williams made a stem winder of a speech after Senators were sworn in. No details though.

    • Bridget Cantrell says:

      Sigh :/ I was standing in someone’s office waiting to meet them and the admin had no idea who I was. She was on the phone and slowly reading down the whole list of who got what one by one right in front of me.

      My integrity won’t allow me post something that I actually did “overhear” versus someone saying “you didn’t hear this from me.”

  3. gopgal says:

    Too bad about Senator Mllar, particularly in light of the problems in the DeKalb school system. His kids were educated there and he’s done a really good job representing his constituents. I think he understands the situation/problems in the state’s third largest school system as well as anyone, not that it’s the only item for the committee’s agenda but it’s an important one.

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