Old Media Catching New Media?

So the AJC has their photo vault on tumblr. Kinda cool. To wish  the current Falcons good luck this weekend, here’s a great picture from an earlier era.

You could waste a whole day looking through that archive, or you could order yourself a copy with a link found here. Enjoy, and consider this a Falcons-themed Open Thread:


  1. Rick Day says:

    Falcons 31
    Seahawks 13

    No kicker forcing 3rd and long passing situations in the red zone, creating turnover opportunities
    No pass rush. Our line has to cover 1-2 rushers, max.
    They can only cover 3 out of 4 routes and matt will be on that 4th route
    Spoon will key on their running back all day. We will get 3 sacks.
    Turner will get 89+ yards running fresh in the 4th quarter
    Seattle be a traveling team; they exhausted, we are rested.

      • Rick Day says:

        Seattle has Ryan Longwell a 16 season gimp kicker who has not been on the field since last December, 2011. Seattle has been spending precious extra time at practice on special team timing, taking the center away from studying his defensive opponents across the line of scrimmage and hiking to a new kicker. These potential turnovers (blocked kicks, fumbled snaps, missed FG’s) are going to frustrate and change the game tactics for the Seahawks. This alone will be enough to assure a Falcon win.

        Mostly, based on your very statistics, Seattle is a beat up team. Eventually, the steam is going to run out about the 3rd quarter, then the fresh legged Falcons step up. As Seahawks fall, Falcons take advantage of the confusion (as they have all season) and work the clock and field Falcon Style.

        I assure you, sir, these Falcons will win Sunday.

        • Rick Day says:

          I’ll add this, albeit an intangible: This season, unlike so many others, when it REALLY mattered, the Falcons won, and they will continue this philosophy.

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