10,000 Vanity Tags You Can’t Have

From the AJC, here’s a list of vanity tags requested by motorists but rejected by the Georgia Department of Revenue. Some are funny, some are just as disgusting as you would  expect. From the lead-in: “[The list] …includes more than a few thoughts that would incite an almost immediate, violent reaction from fellow motorists. But some of the other banned tags are just silly and others are completely inoffensive. Check out the list for yourself. And remember, treat this list with the maturity and seriousness it deserves.” (Emphasis mine.) And please note that many of these requests are so NSFW that you have to click an agree button before you can see them.

UPDATE: From State Rep. Brett Harrell (R-Snellville) via Twitter, who thinks the state has no business in vanity tags:

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  1. Rick Day says:

    my vanity plate on my motorcycle is FOUR20.. I had to try a few different ways, but they took that one.

    Of course, um, that is my granddaughter’s birthday, hence the….well…you know….

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