Tonight: Me, You, and Governor Barnes…

the only question is where.

The Red Clay Democrats are hosting their January Happy Hour, but the only way to go is to know where to show. To find out, follow them on twitter at @redclaydems, or rsvp to the event on facebook. You’ll be glad you did.



  1. Ghost of William F Buckley says:

    Ever since Charlie Harper took over, Peach Pundit has gotten mighty chummy with my Dem friends.

    Not like that’s a bad thing, just sayin’…

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      Charlie isn’t being “chummy” with the Dems, he’s just being nice in the way that people are nice to the handicapped.

      Like most Georgians, he just feels sorry for how the once-mighty Georgia Democrat Party has completely devolved from being THE FORCE in Georgia politics into a being a complete non-factor to the point of seemingly being virtually extinct at the statewide level.

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