Board of Regents Merges Colleges, Postpones KSU Football Decision

Your friends at the Board of Regents made two good decisions today.

First up… they merged eight colleges into four, bringing the number of schools in the University System to 31, down from 35.

The AJC says the new schools are:

  • Georgia Regents University. A merger of Augusta State and Georgia Health Sciences universities. Ricardo Azziz is president.
  • Middle Georgia State College. A merger of Macon State and Middle Georgia colleges. John Black is interim president.
  • South Georgia State College. A merger of Waycross and South Georgia colleges. Virginia Carson is president.
  • University of North Georgia. A merger of Gainesville State College and North Georgia College & State University. Bonita Jacobs is president.

Also, the Regents postponed a decision on Kennesaw State getting a football team.The Marietta Daily Journal says “further study” will be conducted. Last year the Regents also postponed a decision on adding football and women’s soccer. So don’t expect the fightin’ Owls to take to the gridiron anytime soon.

I’ve had FB conversations with KSU alums about this and they refuse to hear it but… it is infinitely superior for your school to not create a football team* that is mired in mediocrity than it is to have such a team–trust me (and Buzz). And KSU is the perfect situation for that.

This post is improved if you play “Be True to Your School” while reading.

*As much as I love college football it is probably best if you just don’t start a football team period.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Kennesaw State University (KSU) is the third-largest university in Georgia with more than 24,600 undergraduate and graduate students representing 132 countries.

    Wouldn’t “not create a (mediocre) football team” violate the “follow the money” rule ?

  2. Nixonstheone says:

    In the minds of the Georgia BOR, is there any distinction between a “college” and a “university?”

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