And The Winners Are….

Polls are closed, the ballots are counted, and the results are on the Secretary of State’s site.  Here’s a recap:

  • State Senate District 11 goes to a runoff between Republicans Dean Burke and Mike Keown.
  • Brandon Beach wins against Rep. Sean Jerguson to become Senator-elect of the 21st district.
  • Republican Mike Dugan defeats Libertarian candidate James M. Camp in State Senate District 31.
  • Republicans Brian Laurens and Scot Turner will face each other in a runoff for the open seat in the 21st House District.

There ya go.  2 runoffs.  Discuss who you think will win in the 11th Senate District and the 21st House District.


  1. The final election results for districts with runoffs:

    Senate District 11
    Dean Burke 42.59%
    Mike Keown 37.37%

    House District 21
    Brian Laurens 30.11%
    Scot Turner 46.39%

  2. saltycracker says:

    Beach vs Jerguson: According to the below from the Cherokee Trib, 95% of Fulton voters and 90% of Cherokee voters didn’t care which one won. That may tell us more about the choices than lazy voters.

    Cherokee County elections officials reported voter turnout of about 10 percent. In Fulton County precincts, voter turnout was much lower, coming in under 5 percent.

    Beach earned 52 percent of Cherokee County votes, or 3,925 votes. Jerguson received 48 percent of votes in Cherokee County, 3,660 votes.

    In Fulton County, Beach garnered 81 percent of votes, or 1,545. Jerguson earned 371 votes in Fulton County.

    • 2 Down 1 To Go says:

      Can you explain the “That may tell us more about the choices than lazy voters” comment because I see it as almost just the opposite.

      The voters who turn out for Primaries and Special elections are the most educated and most motivated of the voters. At this point, I trust their ability to select more than I do those voters who turn out every four years and indiscriminately pull the lever for the incumbent…assuming that someone, somewhere elected them in so why should they vote for the other guy.

      The fact that voter turnout was so incredibly low speaks to a lazy, uneducated and uncaring electorate. Why should I assume that they are so smart and educated when they can only get themselves to the polls when TSPLOST and it’s million dollar campaign roust them out of their lazy stupor?

      The plain fact is they were given two options (and in some sense three). They, just like the rest of us could have educated themselves and selected the best candidate for the next two years. Abstaining is the third and it suggests that they were not educated on the decision and left it to those who were.

      • saltycracker says:

        2 Down & John,

        Just going to throw some ramblings out there to play at quantifying the subjective.

        2d, your points are good by me, one who has debated, to have fun, that many folks should not be allowed to vote. Low turnouts are the norm but this one seemed to be exceptional/surprising. There appeared to be a fairly wide lack of motivation as, empirically speaking, a lot of the large anti-TSPLOST crowd could not identify with Sean (on the right side at the end).

        Chairman Ahrens & Sheriff Garrison certainly helped Beach as did some grass roots groups. An endorsement from the dysfunctional tea party in Cherokee did not help Sean nor did a “go with the wind direction” approach like with TSPLOST or some local issues.

        The teachers pushed heavy for Beach both times & were in the more motivated group you refer to. Sean also didn’t have the best history as Holly Springs spread their tentacles into the County.

        I suspect among the “no-show educated” they found an even balance of concerns with both candidates. “Even” being a subjective thing here.

        • John Konop says:


          You make many points, I also think people were very mad about Chip resigning so quick……I wonder how much Sean got hurt by also being part of the Chip camp, and this was a backlash from him resigning? I also know of a lot voters who felt very burned by the charter bill and the wording……you know Sean was a big voice behind this. Finally your point before the election about Sean attacking officeholders who did not support him might of really back fired.

    • John Konop says:


      I thought this would be a close election. Why do you think even with a low turnout Sean lost by 15 points? Also how did he not even win Cherokee?

      • saltycracker says:

        I rambled above and am sure some would take strong exception – but I’m sure you have some anecdotal stories as do most folks paying attention.

  3. Tiberius says:

    I am too lazy to look it up but does anyone know how many of Jerguson’s current HOR precincts he lost?

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