Morning Reads For Monday January 7, 2013

This will be my last Morning Reads for a while. The Legislative Session begins next Monday so Ronald has graciously agreed to pick up the slack. Thanks Ron.

Georgia Items
– Special Elections tomorrow include House District 21, Senate Districts 11 and 21, and a Republican vs. a Libertarian in Senate District 30. As I’ve mentioned before I’m supporting Sean Jerguson in SD21 and Brad Hughes in SD11 and I’ve donated to both.
– Re: SD11: 589 vote early in Decatur County.
– Re: HD21 & SD21: through last Thursday, 700 had voted early in Cherokee and 500 in North Fulton.
– The Perspicacious Conservative comments on the HD21 race.
– Georgia based Flowers Foods Inc, is among several companies in talks to buy some of Hostess’ brands.
– A thwarted home invasion in Loganville has garnered national attention.
– The State Supreme Court will release opinions on 24 cases today. Here’s a look at one of them.
– Audit finds 75% of DFACS child abuse reports are filed late.
– Amy Kremer, Georgia resident and head of the Tea Party Express says Senator Chambliss will be primaried.

National/International Items
– Yet another study casts doubt on the idea that humans cause global warming. Tell me again who’s anti-science?
– A former head of the Obama OMB says the WH has no hand in the upcoming battle over the debt ceiling. Senator Isakson will be a player in the debt ceiling negotiations.
– Dems say no cuts, more tax increases. Should we call this “fiscal cliff II” or “son of fiscal cliff?”
– Joe Biden: Good Grief.
– Spurning Glenn Beck, Current TV was sold to al-Jazeera. In other words, Al Gore got a bunch of money from Big Oil.
– Fox News still rules the cable news market.
– Blogger Andrew Sullivan leaves the Daily Beast, sells $300k worth of subscriptions for his new venture.

Other Items
– Lance Armstrong may publicly admit his cheating ways.
– If there was anyone out there who didn’t think Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel didn’t deserve the Heisman, I hope they watched the Cotton Bowl Friday night.
– Jets Coach Rex Ryan has a tatoo of his wife Tebowing while wearing nothing but a Mark Sanchez jersey.
– The Falcons will host the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.


  1. Ed says:

    “Yet another study casts doubt on the idea that humans cause global warming. Tell me again who’s anti-science?”


    I can’t believe there’s no mention of the article in Sunday’s New York Times that looked at Social Security Administration’s actuarial tables and determined the SS situation “is worse than you think.”

    According to the findings: “everyone who happens to be 55-59 in 2028 would die. (Yet half of those who are age 95 that year would live on.)”

    • saltycracker says:

      SS: Warren Buffett has marveled at the magic of compound interest.

      The chart I’d like to see is one of a person eligible for full social security, where he/she & their employer has put in the maximum amount since age 21, earning the 30 yr. treasury rate (the 50 yr. avg. is around 7% per) for the invested money.

      How much money should be there ?

      • saltycracker says:

        Most public pensions are calculated using 7.5 to 8% returns on the pool, are based on the most recent earnings and often have sweetners like overtime, early out, COL increases….if SS has problems, the public ones are of biblical proportions….

        • saltycracker says:

          mp, will open if you give a hint that it is yours & on subject matter- lots of bad spam stuff going around

          • mpierce says:

            It’s a youtube video of a professor presenting the ROI on SS, typical investment, and treasury bills starting at the age of 22.

            • saltycracker says:

              Thanks – didn’t catch all the variables or analyze the numbers but but it follows my opinion that SS is a worse deal than putting the employee/employer money in treasuries.

              If SS was an insurance company we would be putting the officers in prison. Debate over fixing the mishandled money with more takeaways encourages mismanagement and fraud.

              I’d still like to see the numbers as outlined.

              SS disability & SSI are in serious need of overhaul and fraud is rampant across the board.

              • mpierce says:

                Bush should have required investment in Treasuries as his 1% personal account option when he tried to reform SS. The dems would have had a hard time demonizing Treasuries as not secure.

  2. John Konop says:

    The debate should be about how to improve the tax code for example:

    1) if we caped dividends at 400k of income at capital gains rate, yet lowered cap gains to 15 percent we would increase revenue via investment incentives……….verse a straight tax increase. Also save on welfare via jobs……

    2) if we replace payroll taxes with a VAT we would lower taxes on workers and tax black market money…….

    3) if we stop the war on drugs we would not only save money we would increase tax revenue and help fight lifetime handcuffs for poverty

    4) if we ended NCLB and tracked kids via aptitude over one size fit all college prep or out we could fill the 3 million job openings ie creat more tax revenue and save money on education …….

    5) if we let seniors, family of VETS and government workers buy drugs from the VA we could save tax payers 60 percent on drugs

    6) if we ended the policemen of the world foreign policy we could save 50 percent of the cost of military spending reactive to GDP

    7) if we pushed dial a doc, drug store care…..for non emergencies especially for non insured and government workers tax payers would save a lot of money……

    8) if we let people buy drugs from non third world countries it would save the average tax payers a lot of money

    9) if we change the immigration policy toward best and brightest we would be magnet for future. Investment ie let hard science grads from Georgia Tech, MIT……….fast track for citizenship.

    10) if we increased percentage of pay for elective Medicare procedures we would help keep the program alive

    I could go On and on, but this is just a start………

    • saltycracker says:

      So the insurers ask for 15% and settle for 9 or 10% so the states can claim success ?
      I’d settle for a 5- 10% annual raise anytime for anything but wouldn’t think the other side would dance for joy, unless they worked for a government claiming they saved 5 – 10% in costs.

      When can corporations can start paying the penalty for ending their programs ?

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      “Home invasions on the rise?”

      …Don’t you mean “home invasions CONTINUING to rise” as Georgia, particularly Metro Atlanta, had a high number of home invasions that never fell off to begin with ever since Americans became familiar with the term and the concept of armed criminals violently invading peoples’ homes while they are there as a way of instilling maximum terror in their actual and potential victims.

      • saltycracker says:

        Interesting in these times of extraordinary high gun sales. Wonder what percentage had some connection to criminals or an illegal activity or were folks known/rumored to keep high levels of cash in their home.

        • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

          Excellent question. I can remember hearing of quite a few home invasions that were motivated by rumors that a chosen location was the site of the inseparable combination of money and drugs…Like the one in Norcross where a 15-year-old kid was killed trying to push a door closed on a crew that was robbing his father’s home of drugs and cash or the one in Indianapolis, Indiana 7 years ago where a stick-up kid killed a family of seven during a botched robbery because of rumors that there were money and drugs in the house.

          Though I also know of many home invasions where groups of underage juvenile idiots with little to no home training and that have virtually no value of their own or anyone else’s lives run in homes almost completely at random just for the thrill of it.

          Some of the much more amateurish robbery crews actually like the adrenaline rush of kicking in a door knowing that they may get blown to bits once they get on the other side of it. These are the most dangerous type of home invader because they don’t much if any for their own lives, not to mention anyone else’s lives or the lives of the people that they may target to terrorize.

          It’s scary that there are people who are running around on the streets of society who don’t care whether they live or die and get a big thrill out of senselessly taking the lives of people who do value their own lives, but that is the real world.

          The guy who was shot in self-defense by the mother with the two kids in Loganville was more along the lines of being one of those dumb criminals who likes to choose houses at random to burglarize alone, though his extensive criminal history (six arrests in Gwinnett since 2008) which included assaults shows that he had a propensity for violence.

  3. saltycracker says:

    Using PP as a vent to a phone conversation of an unemployed –
    I am acquainted with 5 unemployed folks, collecting benefits:
    One is a 30 something deadbeat that works reluctantly only to get to unemployment,
    Two use unemployment to supplement cash work , one has a working spouse and just wants to maximize time off and the most interesting one is a late 60’s, well off lady, who was working to be busy, was a poor employee and is now enjoying a perk.
    Maybe my personal sample of 100% scamming the system is the aberration.

  4. Rambler14 says:

    So what’s the latest status on the Tea Party/Sierra Club/NAACP Coliation to develop a Plan B to TSPLOST?

    Surely someone will be introducing this in the upcoming Legislative session, right?

    • atlanta_advocate says:

      No Plan B – not that the disparate interest groups who united to oppose this thing could ever come together to create something and a mechanism for funding and governing it to begin with – but I would imagine that a few individual proposals will be introduced, like the ending of the redirection of the gas tax to the general fund (which governor Deal – as well as anyone who actually does the budget and knows how much this will cause spending cuts to unpopular programs would result – opposes) as well as allowing counties to combine to do their own transportation projects and allowing fractional taxation in SPLOSTS.

      Incidentally, when are the toll booths coming down on Georgia 400?

      • Rambler14 says:

        “Deal said the state will stop collecting the 50 cents per car toll in December of 2013. He said that’s the earliest the state can remove the toll without incurring penalties for early payment of the bonds.”

      • Rambler14 says:

        “as well as allowing counties to combine to do their own transportation projects”

        This already exists.
        They’re called Intergovernmental Agreements. They happen all the time.

  5. Scott65 says:

    Every time Amy Kremer gets up and speaks she shows what a mental lightweight she is. She speaks as though she represents a majority when in fact she speaks for an ever shrinking minority. I just want to know who she thinks is going to “primary” Saxby? She definitely mistakes local gerrymandering which preserved the majority in the house for a mandate. Thats why the senate gained 2 seats on the D side. TP candidates on avg. cant win at the state level…she hasn’t quite figured that one out yet

  6. KD_fiscal conservative says:


    As I posted in 2010, the TP is a fad, is going to fade away at some point in time. That time has come. Sure, still they have a small, loyal, following but any chance of them influencing elections is all but over. The leaders will still hold a press conference ever so often to make themselves feel important and hold a rally to show how mad they are about something or another, but the “movements” 15 min of fame is over.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      Keep believing that about the Tea Party all you want, but they sure looked powerful enough to sink that T-SPLOST last summer, not-to-mention the Tea Party has got the Republican lawmakers that dominate the Georgia Legislature running scared and the Tea Party’s continued firm control of the U.S. House of Representatives by way of the Republican Party.

      Yeah, some fad…

      • mpierce says:

        The House approved a bill with tax hikes to spending cuts of 41:1 and special interest pork. They did so while violating the 3 day rule for viewing the bill and the Hastert rule. This was followed by Boehner easily getting re-elected as speaker. That is firm control of the House?

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