Investigators raid DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis’ Home

Police have executed search warrants this morning at the home and office of DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis. The search warrant may (may) be related to an ongoing investigation of DeKalb’s watershed operations projects.

DeKalb has a $1.3 Billion capital improvement program to upgrade its watershed operations. There was significant criticism of Ellis by opponents during last year’s Democratic primary regarding Ellis’ acceptance of large campaign contributions from vendors related to this massive project.

The AJC article mentions that District Attorney, Robert James, is investigating claims of bid rigging and kickbacks.


  1. fishtail says:

    This is the same Grand Jury that called Vernon Jones in for testimony last summer. Not wanting to get tripped up and be later charged with a perjury rap, Vernon took the Fifth and refused to answer the Grand Jury’s questions. Now the Dekalb Police are conducting searches of the current Dekalb CEO’s house and County office. Rest assured there are some pretty tight sphincter muscles all puckered up in Dekalb County today. I wonder if Burrell Ellis’ campaign advisor/bag man /raconteur Kevin Ross has been questioned yet, since he somehow manages to become a consultant to any contractor doing business or hoping to do business with Dekalb County.

  2. Ghost of William F Buckley says:

    According to AJC:

    “Among specific purchasing documents sought: those affiliated with Kevin Ross, an attorney who managed Ellis’ transition team and campaign when he first ran for office four years ago. Attempts to reach Ross for comment Monday evening were unsuccessful.”

    Kind of showy way of doing, conducting the searches while CEO Ellis was occupied with the Grand Jury.

    I think DA James has some large stones.

  3. fishtail says:

    If Kevin Ross goes down in this Dekalb corruption investigation, it will be a wonderful example of karma….Kevin Ross rolled on Bill Campbell in order to save his own sorry butt a few years ago…Kevin went free and Bill Campbell went to prison. Kevin was labeled a rat and was persona non grata at Atlanta City Hall after that so he moved his act over to Dekalb County where he managed Burrell Ellis’ campaign, just like he did for Bill Campbell. He has served as the sharp-elbowed gatekeeper for any large contract coming out of Dekalb County these past 4 years. Maybe it’s now time for Kevin Ross to pay the piper. We will have to stay tuned.

  4. Ghost of William F Buckley says:

    I wonder if this investigation will seep toward Kathie Gannon and the abysmal attempts to repair N. DeKalb parks by applying a slap-dash, white wash, fix ‘er up prior to the Brookhaven incorporation vote?

    Bruce Bowers was the lead lobbyist testifying at length against Brookhaven.

    I would love for someone to analyze the legal defense line item in the DeKalb budget as a percentage of total and compare that ratio to other counties, pro rata.

    • Progressive Dem says:

      Yeah, it would be totally wrong for an elected official to try and speed up the delivery of the playground equipment that hat has been on order for months that finally arrived at Briarwood Park (in her district) last week. You’ve got a real nose for corruption WFB.

  5. Corvid says:

    Perhaps they can also examine the Doraville GM plant redevelopment deal from 2010…

    That particular development plan failed only after the press found out about the backdoor insider deals put together by Commissioner Rader and others downtown at the Capitol.

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