Weigel: “Collins A Tea Party Slayer,” Zoller: “Not Dead Yet!”

From the ICYMI file: At Slate, the always interesting* David Weigel takes note of the incoming Republicans in the House and says, in his totally objective, mainstream, middle-of-the-road, fair-and-balanced sort of way, that they’re not all crazy. (Aside: Republicans, getting an MSM’er to admit we’re not all crazy is not winning the narrative war, it’s losing the narrative war, but more on that later.)

The article classified newly-elected Rep. Doug Collins of Gainesville as a “Tea Party slayer” thanks to his defeat of radio host Martha Zoller, who had been endorsed by Herman Cain and “somebody named Sarah Palin” which prompted the following exchange between Zoller and Weigel on Twitter:

Glad to know Martha will be back on the air on Monday. Thanks to@ajconwashington Daniel Malloy for the link.

*In the Chinese curse sense of ‘interesting.’


  1. KD_fiscal conservative says:

    I think it’s interesting Martha’s team tried to brand her as the “firebrand and tea party” candidate. While it makes sense considering the district, she is actually very reasonable…probably a lot more so than Collins. She rarely makes over the top comments like your typical “firebrand conservative” and I saw hints of her opening to some degree of compromise in government during the campaign.

    Some national and even local tea party folks claimed to support her, but many of the districts far right wingers actually voted for Fitzpatrick in the general(giving him a extremely surprising 17% of the vote) and likely stayed home for the run-off. I think she is simply not crazy enough for the extreme right.

    Also, it’s interesting that Martha own consultant described her as a “firebrand”, that term is usually used by the media to describe folks like Bachman and Palin..etc. She is much too smart to be bunched in with that group.

  2. PegM says:

    Georgia has become the poster child for “good ‘ol boy network”. It’s a shame when top quality women are denied entry to the boy’s club for no other reason than they are not boys. Oh, and of course, the governor is a good ‘ol boy n’est ce pas?

    Glad Martha is still in the game…you go girl!

    • Romegaguy says:

      Martha’s not being elected by the voters had nothing to do with her gender. More with her poorly ran campaign and campaign manager

      • Joshua Morris says:

        Not true. Martha came from being way behind financially to solid contention for the seat. I stayed out of this race intentionally, and I gained a ton of respect for her throughout the process. It’s easy to demonize someone you know only from listening to the radio, but I saw her personal passion for the job and for improving the lives of Americans.

        • Romegaguy says:

          2 questions

          Who had the highest name recognition of any of the candidates at the beginning of the race?

          How many campaigns did Joel McElhannon win last year?

            • IndyInjun says:

              JMc was last seen embedded in one of those big, ole round hay bales on Lee Anderson’s farm.

              Turning an 8 point advantage into an 8 point loss is not a positive harbinger for future clients, is it?

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