Atlanta Gets A New Bishop

Monsignor David P. Talley I.C.D will become the newest Auxiliary Bishop for the Archdiocese of Atlanta on April 2.

The announcement of Pope Benedict XVI’s decision came on Thursday.

Archbishop Wilton Daniel Gregory said:

“His appointment is a generous expression of the esteem that the Holy Father has for this local Church and an obvious recognition of and an invitation for our continued growth and development as a vibrant community of Catholic Faith.

“The Holy Father has selected a wonderful member of this zealous local Presbyterate for the Episcopacy and I know that he will bring all of his many gifts and talents to this new Office.”

Bishop-elect Talley, 62, was born in Columbus. He will continue to serve as Pastor of St. Brigid Church until his Ordination.


  1. northside101 says:

    Anyone know if he replaces the current auxiliary bishop. Luis Zamana, or is a second auxilary biship because of the Archdiocese’s rapid growth? Congrats in either case, though as usual, the laity were kept in the dark that we were getting one, just as we were a few years ago when Bishop Zamana was appointed. But just some minor sour grapes; in any event, congratulations to the new bishop. Archdiocese has come a long way since its creation in 1962, when the number of Catholics in north Georgia would have at best filled only half of the current Georgia Dome (30,000 or so)

    • Ed says:

      A second auxiliary bishop.

      I think the Archdiocese was caught off guard on this one too. LZ was already vicar general and help was desperately needed for the Hispanic community so that one was a little more obvious.

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