What Does 2013 Have In Store For You?

I plan on this being my last post for 2012 (unless I get inspired for another post between now and 11:59:59 PM tonight).  I try to be a fairly positive person, but it really is hard to be these days…especially when you check out how much your taxes could potentially go up if we do go off the proverbial “fiscal cliff”.

Gridlock and continued bickering looks to continue to fill the air of the nation’s capital with a president that has no spending limit and a House Speaker and Senate Minority leader with no apparent spines.  Things in the Gold Dome look a little less gridlock-ish with what appears to be the Lt. Governor regaining his power in the upper chamber of the Georgia General Assembly.  Perhaps we could have a bill dropped in the next session of the General Assembly to take a play from Oklahoma’s book and begin to phase out the state income tax.

On the political party front, Georgia Republicans will be gathering in convention for the purpose of adopting rules and electing leadership for the next 2 years.  That means, we’ll have a new state chairman.  I’m sure we’ll hear enough about that as we get closer to February when the process formally begins.

So, what do you expect 2013 to hold for you?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy New Year.

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  1. ieee says:

    Why does everyone think that “gridlock” in government is a bad thing? I think it is nearly always a good thing. The less that our nanny, huge, jobs-program, money-sucking, criminal governments do “for us”, the better. Do we not have enough government, laws, and regulations yet? Everyone seems to want more.

    What does 2013 hold for me? Since I am a Citizen Registered for Harassment and Hatred (CRHH, i.e. listed on a SEX OFFENDER Registry), I expect it will hold all the same useless, idiotic BS that being a CRHH gives to you and probably some new, additional useless, idiotic BS that some pea brain career politician scams up. In 2013, I will have to continue to ensure that not only are all those laws worthless and ineffective, but that are very counterproductive, even more so than they naturally are. I will also have to do anything that is legal to retaliate for the laws.

    I also should spend part of 2013 working to get the rest of the Registries created. If the SEX OFFENDER Registries (and the BS, tag-along laws that they have enabled and promoted) were actually for public safety or protecting children, a hundred other types of Registries would have been created in every state of the U.S. over a decade ago. We wouldn’t be worrying about implementing the P.O.S. Adam Walsh Act, there would be federal laws for ALL of the Registries that should exist.

    I wish I had something more positive to contribute, but that’s reality. Instead of curing cancer, I’ll be fighting criminal governments and hanging out with children.

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