Morning Reads for Thursday, Dec 27

Good morning, sweet cheeks.

I went to see Les Miz Christmas Day.  The standout performance (to me) was Anne Hathaway’s I Dreamed a Dream.  It was gut-punching with the dispair of her situation.  Hugh Jackman was awesome; Russell Crowe was ehh; Amanda Seyfried pulled off some legit opera; the Marius character quivered his lips like Christina Aguilera or Whitney Houston, so I couldn’t take him seriously for most of the movie.  It brought in $18M on opening day.

The “work” days between Christmas and New Year’s are always a hodgepodge.  Many take the days off, some are frantically closing out year end books, and some zombies technically go to work, but only the fires will be addressed for the next few days.

As you get ready for 2013, do any other PPrs start their year with a 21 Day Daniel Fast?  It’s no joke, but it gets your head and heart in the right place.  As we collectively come down from our high of gluttony this holiday season, consider consciously denying yourself  something to show your gratitude for our pretty easy lives.

Links to the reads are below the fold.


I know, I know – I’ve posted details about the last two Cobb GOP breakfasts although PP really isn’t a forum for event information.  BUT they’re honestly newsworthy.  We had Governor Deal, then Senator Chambliss, and now multiple state legislators will have a panel discussion on the upcoming session a week before it convenes.  Saturday, Jan 5, Cobb GOP HQ, 8am.




  1. Bob Loblaw says:

    If the General Assembly would go on your Daniel fast, Bridg, there’d be no need for legislation on lobbyist expenditure limits . What would the good folks at Common Cause do then? What would the AJC have to write about? How would the interns survive? Gosh, you are a newbie ;)! “No pleasant food, no meat nor wine”? It would be a miserable start to the Session but there would probably be a fantastic Mardi Gras-esque feast after the fast.

  2. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    “Cobb man accused of killing ex-wife arrested this morning. He had been stalking her. Would a firearm in the house have saved her life?”

    …Not in the house, but concealed on her person in a holster. A firearm is of little to no use to a person who is being stalked if it is not on or immediately near their person at all times.

  3. southernpol says:

    Quite a bit disappointed with Les Mis. So much buildup for overall weak vocal performances. Crowe fit the persona of Javert perfectly, but he can’t sing. Jackman can’t sing either. They really went for acting over vocals, which disappoints me when 90% of it was sung.

  4. Doug Deal says:

    Is it really necessary to have yet another reason to not go to Starbucks? Can we stop politicizing every G-D thing in the world? Someone please name one thing made better by mixing in politics.

    But I suppose the people willing to pay a 100% premium for coffee that loses to McDonalds in tastes tests are ripe for such things.

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