Time to Talk Seriously About Media Control

Because of abuses like this:

That’s a screencap (to which I added the red and yellow boxes) of WSB Radio’s website, available here. In light of recent events, that headline is not only incorrect, but irresponsible. It may be time to seriously consider licensing journalists. I mean, after all, the Constitution, which was “written with muskets in mind,” clearly never anticipated the instant communication afforded to anyone via the internet.


  1. mountainpass says:

    Here’s another a CNN report:


    [Monday’s shooting illustrated the need to address gun control and mental health issues, Pickering said.

    “For the last 20 years we have been turning people loose and de-institutionalizing people, and I think we’ve swung too far,” Pickering said. “I think there are still people that need to be in institutions that are a danger to themselves or others. And this is a classic example.”]

    Notice Chief Pickering never said anything about gun control.

    • heroV says:

      So are you upset that this information is public or that someone collected this public information together and put it on a map?

      • mountainpass says:

        I’m upset that we must get a license in the first place. This is a great example of why it’s a bad idea.

        Even though it was legal for the paper to do it should it have?

    • seenbetrdayz says:

      As a gun owner I laughed at this story because basically the newspaper just marked every home *not* on that map as being ‘open season’ for criminals. I won’t laugh, of course, when someone gets shot or robbed because criminals are no longer in doubt as to which homeowners are armed and which ones aren’t . . . but I guess the liberal media didn’t think that far ahead on this one.

  2. IndyInjun says:

    There is little or no established media on the left or the right that have a shred of credibility left.

    • Doug Deal says:

      Indeed. The rush to be first, combined with the misguided notion of “wanting to change the world” through journalism have devastated the reliability. The reporting of fact, cannot be motivated by a desire to change minds or they no longer remains facts.

      Too many in the press only seem to report what pleases them, instead of giving a straight up reporting of events.

  3. The WSB post strikes me as sloppy but not necessarily abusive or irresponsible. I know from long personal experience that getting a news organization to correct online content — even if you’ve worked there for decades and have irrefutable proof in your hand of the inaccuracy — can be extremely difficult. But it’s because of human nature and time constraints, plus a resistance to paying for copy editors in the online business model, not a vast left-wing conspiracy. (Full disclosure: Cox Enterprises sends me a monthly pension check.)

    Having said all that, how would you propose licensing journalists and where would you draw the line? Would I need a license for what I post at AtlantaUnfiltered.com? Would Peach Pundit?

    • greencracker says:

      “PP Front-Page Poster Calls for Bigger Government, more Regulations”

      PP won’t need a license b/c they’ve never gotten anything wrong …

      Well … ok, they’re good/fast at correcting problems anyhow …

      Yea, I know, boy do I know, that newspapers/TV may be slow/unable at correcting online articles, but is it not true that there are not enough people in a newsroom anymore to constitute a conspiracy, much less do copy editing?

  4. Doug Deal says:

    I love it when one of Mike’s satires gets treated as serious commentary by people to blind to see the parallels with some other big government solutions being bandied about. If you think hard, I bet you can figure it out.

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