Morning Reads–The Greatest Christmas Gift of All Edition

Happy Boxing Day to one and all.

If you’re reading this you’ve been given the best gift of them all: getting to work this week! (A subscription to the jam of the month club is a close second).

Hope you got a hookup from Santa yesterday. I know one couple that did. During yesterday’s Hosea Feed the Hungry dinner, one couple celebrated their nuptials following their meal. It was, apparently, a first for the HFTH organization. I’ve forgotten their names but they had an amazing story.

This could be the worst segue ever… Andruw Jones did not have a good marital Christmas. He was arrested yesterday following a “domestic incident” with his wife in Gwinnett.

Georgia got lucky and was spared the worst of yesterday’s hairy weather. 

Aaron Gould Sheinin reports on the “Red Tape Initiative” from Speaker Ralston. It aims to cut, not increase, the amount of red tape in Georgia’s governmental agencies. 

Your friends at the Georgia Department of Agriculture informed the world there is a new Georgia Grown website. It now comes with a poll and they want your feedback!

Post-Election Elucidation

What happens when you put 600 Republicans on a cruise, send them to the Caribbean and report heavily on Georgia’s own Ralph Reed? New York magazine has a write-up of the National Reviews post-election cruise from this year. Reed, reportedly, stressed to his followers that he did his job.

The Boston Globe has the inside scoop on how the commonwealth’s favorite son lost the election. 


Milt Jackson wants you to have a respite from Christmas music. 



  1. xdog says:

    Thanks for the goper cruise story. It’s worth it if only for the shot of Ralph Reed and the iguana.

    Here’s a tale of Dick Armey’s last days at FreedomWorks. No iguanas but Dick does stride into FW’s offices accompanied by his wife and a gunsel, looking to kick some ass. Or not. This makes him oh for two in the coup biz.

  2. Bob Loblaw says:

    Yeah, Ralph spending someone else’s money to go on vacation while the folks he takes money from sit at home, duped again…par for the course.

    Just like when he started his consulting business and went a cool 1-9 in his first election. Never forget him huddling with his boy wonder at whatever hotel the GOP’s “Victory” party was held, talking about how they were going to spin the losses.

    This year’s spin is the best! “I did my job!” Great job, Ralph. How bout this? Quit your job so maybe we don’t continue these post-loss explanations of how well you did! Maybe we’ll win one.

    • Baker says:

      Agreed that Ralph Reed is a ninny.

      I read that whole New Yorker article. In short, I don’t think those cruise goers are representative.

      • xdog says:

        I disagree. I thought those cruise gopers were fairly typical older party supporters who happen to be affluent enough to cruise and bored enough to want to cruise with the likes of Goldberg and Yoo.

        They sound a little racist in spots, maybe a little dim and self-satisfied but that’s human–their world has changed, they aren’t in control any more, and they find it scary. They’re looking for reassurances more than anything.

        btw, the article is from New York magazine not The New Yorker.

      • Ed says:

        You don’t think that the most hardcore of all partisans, Dem or Rep, (and who else would go on such a cruise) are the bottom of the barrel, intellectually? You don’t think there is a strong and healthy strain of conspiracy-theorizing within the most hardcore of Republicans? Like, are you watching something else entirely in the world?

        • Baker says:

          That’s my point. People that pay loads of money to go on a cruise that is specifically political-themed border/are way over the line of insane and shouldn’t be taken as a representative sample of anything but I feel those types of folks are often portrayed as the mainline GOP.

          • Ed says:

            OK, I get what you’re saying. But that’s sort of the problem with partisan politics, you’re crazies are the engines of the organization, as it were. Also I think the piece was trying less to draw general inferences of the state of the GOP and more a limited report.

            I, for one, think it might be sort of fun to go on one of those cruises.

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