Festivus – For The Rest Of Us

The day has come once again.  It is the annual holiday of Festivus, a gift to us from the Costanza family.

The first part of the celebration we’re quite good at:  The airing of the grievances.  Air Away!

Afterward, anyone that would like to demonstrate feats of strength, have at it.

The end of the celebration is noted by the pinning of the eldest family member.  We’ve never quite figured out who that is around here, so our Festivus – and the airing of the grievances – seems to go on year round.

Happy Festivus to all!


  1. Bob Loblaw says:

    Debbie and her TEA party freaks promised to SUE Georgia to protect the Constitutionality of home rule and she did not do so! Grieved! So aired!

    And she lined up behind career bureaucrats against school choice, but whatever. I think she and her DeKalb Board of Education friends are learning their lessons.

  2. Ed says:

    Yeah, Charlie and Buzz are both in their 40s. Only like, griftdrift could challenge them for the oldest member of the family.

    • IndyInjun says:

      Grift? Nah, he isn’t within a shout of collecting Social Security.

      What did y’all do with Bill Simon?

      Did he find peachpunditry unworthy?

      Oops, I went “off topic” and the ban hammer will fall on me again.

        • IndyInjun says:

          When it gets to snow white and it is mostly still there, you guys might be close.

          My PP persona has always be incendiary and I have fun with that. I ain’t PP “family,” just a fly on the wall that Charlie likes to swat.

          All the newer chieftans here are OK, I suppose, but I haven’t had time with them for endearment or pissing off.

          Grift is one of the soundest thinkers. I still haven’t got over the shock that my old adversary, Harry, now reads Zero Hedge and Denninger. Charlie is a lot more ‘mature’ but that assessment is because he now ‘sees’ things a lot more like the incendiary Indy. LOL.

          Time stops for none.

          Merry Christmas!

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