Morning Reads for Thursday, December 20

Morning!  I’m in Nashville this week.  The multiple hours of windshield time allowed me to listen to an oldie, but goodie again: The Millionaire Next Door (9 lessons).  Undoubtedly, most of you have read it also.  If not, I highly recommend it to the GOP Book Club when determining new strategies for targeting voters.

A good portion of the book explains that most millionaires are first-generation i.e. they got ‘up and out’ with frugality and good planning.  Most are entrepreneurs; most appear blue collar.  Like most parents, first-generation millionaires want better for their kids – private schools, college, “economic outpatient care”.  A lot of times the parent’s drive to succeed is replaced with the child’s drive to appear successful – all hat, no cattle.  By the third generation, the accumulation of wealth is usually gone.

Mull on this idea as we determine our attitudes towards immigration:  America must maintain a constant inflow of immigrants in order to keep the same or rising number of millionaires.

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  1. greencracker says:

    Re: un-hitching, I’m skeptical that tax policy can do that much to hitch or unhitch people or get them to have children. It seems to me when people are thinking about these big big life decisions, tax implications are a marginal factor, if any at all.

    Singapore has tried cash for conception (See Baby Bonus:, but the rare, rare people who have a bunch of kids aren’t doing it for the SGD$6k.

  2. Ed says:

    Also, I mean this with only the slightest amount of offense to our Dear Overlord Erick, but FFS man. Did he even *read* what he wrote? If so, he still thought he was tying three dozen or so different conceits together in a satisfying way? Ugh.

  3. Noway says:

    The Tonight Show to replace Leno with Jimmy Falllon? Didn’t NBC try to replace Leno with one no-talent hack already? They finally came to their senses and sent Conan over to that ratings colossus TBS. Leno ain’t going anywhere!

    • Baker says:

      Wasn’t going to say anything today…then I got to Noway’s comment. You think Conan O’Brien is a “no-talent hack”? Conan is like Andy Warhol to Jay Leno’s Bob Ross.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      Leno’s contract with NBC is up in 2014 at which time Leno will be about 64 years old.

      Johnny Carson was about 66 when he retired from The Tonight Show after hosting it for 30 years, so one could reasonably make the argument that it might it time for NBC to move in another direction as Leno will be only about two years younger when his contract expires than Carson was when he retired from the show.

  4. “America must maintain a constant inflow of immigrants in order to keep the same or rising number of millionaires.”

    Or see high rates of inflation / hyperinflation.

  5. bowersville says:

    This sets an example for police and school co-operation in combating an active shooter. This news story is from Athens. As we have many school systems across the State beyond the University System, the need to train for responses to an active shooter can be very local. This aspect of police training is very high profile and in the public’s view. High profile training in the public’s eye can demonstrate that the school isn’t a soft target. A former school, a former administration building, an unused industrial complex, ect. can generally be located for training. Invite the press, the school board and the school administration.

    “Athens-Clarke County and University of Georgia will be conducting “active shooter” training on campus throughout the day.

    The training, which had been scheduled prior to Friday’s mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., is taking place at the ROTC building at the intersection of Sanford Drive and Baldwin Street.

    UGA police regularly host such drills, in which officers learn how to respond to reports of a person on campus who is actively shooting victims.”

    (This comment has nothing to do with the guns rights comments on any thread)

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