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  1. James Fannin says:

    I sure hope the Foreign Relations Committee will ask Senator John Kerry to provide ALL his military records from the period during and after his service in Vietnam. Hopefully Senator Isakson will ask him if he would care to use the opportunity of his confirmation hearing to offer a sincere and heartfelt apology for characterizing the honorable service of so many Vietnam veterans as criminal. The lies by him and his ilk were one of the chief reasons so many of those who served during that war had such a difficult time readjusting and finding meaningful employment. He slandered an entire generation of those who risked their lives and served. And while Kerry did indeed serve for four months, a normal tour was one year and most leaders served three times as long as they didn’t game the system to ditch their troops. I’m sure the Senate would love to be rid of him just as his fellow Swift Boaters in Vietnam were happy to see him leave country but I sure hope no one rolls over for this shallow, self-serving blowhard and gives him a pass.

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