Developer Loses Gambling Complex Land

I don’t wanna be a hater, but… the proposed gambling complex in Norcross has suffered a setback.  My very first post on Peach Pundit (wow, back in March) was about the multiple issues with a proposed billion dollar gambling complex.

Developer Dan O’Leary said he no longer controls the Norcross property where he proposed building Georgia’s first gambling complex.

O’Leary said he extended the land contract seven times before. But he said that he doesn’t foresee action by state leaders to approve an expansion of gambling in the short term. However, O’Leary said he is not giving up on the idea.

Georgia approved a lottery two decades ago to fund a scholarship program. Subsequent attempts to expand gambling have failed. O’Leary had proposed installing 7,500 video lottery terminals run by the state lottery at the proposed facility.

I still don’t think the idea has completely died, but I’m pleased it’s at least stalled for the time being.

SO…can anyone tell me who DOES control the Norcross property now?  Is O’Leary simply quietly passing the baton to someone else behind the scenes?

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  1. ugadog says:

    He probably had an option contract so he never “owned” the land. He just had the ability to buy it if he wanted to. Sounds like he got tired of paying to extend the contract.

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