Breaking: DeKalb Schools On Probation

The DeKalb County School System will be put on “probation,” according to breaking news from the AJC:

An accrediting agency will put the DeKalb County school board on probation, but the school board chairman said he’s confident the system can address the complaints and regain full standing.

If you think this development concerns the Chairman of the Board of Education, you are wrong:

Walker said he’s not concerned that Gov. Nathan Deal will remove the school board, which is possible under a new state law that covers districts on probation.”

‘We’ve not done anything egregious,’ Walker said.”

For any of you who graduated DeKalb Schools, “egregious” means “extraordinary in some bad way, flagrant, shocking or outstandingly bad.” And Dr. Walker is wrong about that.

Let’s hope he’s wrong about the Governor’s intentions as well.

UPDATE: Lots of other outlets reporting this as well. Here’s the Reporter Newspaper, here’s WAGA Fox5 Atlanta,  and here’s CBS Atlanta with information that the school districts finances are a mess, the Board borrowed $25 million to buy textbooks but then never bought them, and that the probationary period will last until December 31, 2013.


  1. bgsmallz says:

    “This is because the school board, administrators and others in decision-making positions put the interests of adults before those of children”

    Whew! And I was worried the board had done something egregious…{palm to forehead}.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    But he does have a point. Is it egregious for DeKalb county government? Isn’t this the county where the outgoing sheriff had the incoming one shot? At least he didn’t shoot the deputy.

    Of course, this also ties us back to the gun control debate. It will be a good thing when only the fine people in government have access to guns.

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