Morning Reads for Thursday, Dec 13

E L James I get, but how (I say HOW??) is Honey Boo Boo one of Barbara Walters’ 2012 Most Fascinating People??






  1. Ed is Amazing says:

    A) Yet you still hate on my H-BB.
    ii) “Windowpane falls off 24th Floor of BB&T building” Gives new meaning to the lyric–“I make it rain on ya, like a windowpane.”
    3) Maybe flying Delta internationally will be a little less annoying now.

    • Bridget says:

      It pains me that you won’t debate me on anything other than Honey Boo Boo or the Archdiocese stance on immigration reforms. I judge you.

      • Ed is Amazing says:

        How about… is Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. the greatest American or greatest human of all time?

    • xdog says:

      That was a very cold story, 54. They’ll come get you for posting stuff like that.

      As always, you’ve selected some first-rate photos. I like the one of the barber shop.

  2. Daddy Got A Gun says:

    Florida may have raw numbers but we got a higher percent of our population with licenses. So there!

    According the US Government Accounting Office, Georgia has 600K Weapons Licensees representing 11.5% of Georgians over 20 years old. Florida is only at 6.2% of their 20+ yo population.

    Gun toters are a big constituency here in Georgia. Hopefully, they remember that Casey Cagle opposed allowing them to carry in more places and schools. He was quoted as saying “Let me be very, very clear. I have no appetite for that”

    • Daddy Got A Gun says:

      The Republicans would be stupid to push amnesty (cue John McAmnesty).

      First, doing so would ensure a tidal wave of new Hispanic voters who vote Democrat. Reagan did amnesty for 3M. Did that help the Republicans? Did it ever? Nope.

      Second, the great Mexican Immigration Wave may be over and their/my demographic may have peaked. Michael Barone wrote in

      “Life in Mexico is not a nightmare for many these days. Beneath the headlines about killings in the drug wars, Mexico has become a predominantly middle-class country, as Jorge Castañeda notes in his recent book, Mañana Forever? Its economy is growing faster than ours.”

      After 4 more years of pathetic Republicans and the Marxist, we all may grateful our border with Mexico is porous. It makes getting into Mexico and a job easier.

    • Ed is Amazing says:

      If they risk being a regional party only they’d be the party of the regions with the fastest population growth.

      Just, fwiw.

    • Bridget says:

      In addition to getting Rick-roll’d, you’ve taught me something new today, Jackster. Congratulations, you’re my new internet crush.

      I put the the web address in the Google search box, then clicked on the double chevron on the right , then clicked on cached. Et voila! Brilliant.

      I’m always trying to hone my e-stalking skills, so feel free to always share goodies like this.

  3. Jackster says:

    While I don’t really enjoy being taxed, I don’t enjoy having my state and communities in which I live take steps backwards, either.

    So here’s my conundrum: Do our legislators and governor have the wherewithal to raise taxes in order to pay for services and regular programs? I mean we’ve cut most everything else, but I really honestly feel like an increase in revenue would not go where it would be most needed. It would probably go to some ridiculous program that would by political capital.

    But alas, “fees” and “bed taxes” and other things will be more appealing because you’re not actually raising a tax to provide a service. However, that to me is what the government is in business for.

    I only say this because I would rather have a higher tax rate than be $20 and $200’d (not nickle and dimed) whenever I need the state to do something so that I may comply with its laws.

  4. atlanta_advocate says:

    “F-22 Finale — Transfers mark demise of fighter program at Lockheed. 500 high-skill, high-paying jobs leaving Cobb.”

    Any ideas how to replace them and get still more? Any leaders to put those ideas into place?

    Incidentally, it is curious why Cory Booker, the mayor of a small, poverty-ridden, largely insignificant city, gets so much publicity, especially in these parts.

      • atlanta_advocate says:

        I didn’t realize that I was being mean. I apologize. But there have been several mentions of Booker on PP recently, including one just yesterday.

  5. Noway says:

    If you liked Lea Michele in O Holy Night you have to hear her sing Auld Lang Syne. Best version I have ever heard. Do yourself a favor and go to You Tube now.

    • atlanta_advocate says:

      I don’t call patronizing anyone from the cast of “Glee” doing myself a favor. (And yes, I feel the same way about watching a guy accused of drugging and raping a woman sing “Mary Did You Know.” I am not a soldier in the culture war, but still. Come on people.)

      • Noway says:

        LOL! Have some coffee, AA. You sound grumpy this morning. I’ve never seen Glee and became aware of Michele only after seeing the movie, New Years Eve. It is a really good version of the song.

  6. saltycracker says:

    Deal: No money for initiatives ? That’s how he got rid of Rogers – promising to fund his GPB initiative and probably not rolling some other card. Is that still good ? Did he doublecross him ?
    Whoever comes up with the story behind the exodus will be the blogger of the year !

  7. atlanta_advocate says:

    Not a Deal fan, but I don’t have a problem with Deal’s pronouncement. The public has stated that they do not want new taxes (via the T-SPLOST) to create the revenue for new programs, so that means no new programs. Or “initiatives.” Sometimes, certain GOPers have this thing where they allow people to believe that they can still have the programs – or initiatives – that they want without having to bother with raising the revenue needed to pay for it. If Deal is letting his cohorts under the gold dome know that he isn’t putting up with that sort of false advertising, good for him.

    Meanwhile, local areas that are not opposed to raising the revenue that is needed for new initiatives via taxes (i.e. the ones where T-SPLOST actually passed) should not be held back from doing so by those that are not.

  8. Noway says:

    Just saw that there was a reporter who asked Chris Christie if he was ‘too fat’ to be prez. He says ‘no.’ What say you?

    • Stefan says:

      His BMI is probably lower than Taft’s, and there is no constitutional limit on weight. I suppose you mean, do I think he weighs too much to be elected President? No, but it certainly does not help.

    • atlanta_advocate says:

      Hmmm. Wonder why no one ever asked Obama if he was too liberal or too inexperienced to be president? The media “vets” one party and cheerleads for another. It so unfair …

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