Merle Black On The Republicans’ Future

I’ll have a few thoughts of my own today at 1:00, specifically on some choices the Tea Party needs to make regarding its role and future.

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  1. northside101 says:

    Dr. Merle Black and his brother Earl (latter teaches at Rice Unviersity in Texas) are the best of the best when it comes to knowledge of southern (regional) politics. Think Merle is right…things the party does which Southern Republicans like are anathema to much of the rest of the country.

    On social issues, maybe Republicans should drop from the platform support for constitutional amendments to ban abortion and gay marriage. Neither will ever happen that route. Since most Democratic congressmen and senators in Washington are pro-choice, Republicans would have to get a near two-thirds majority in both chambers to pass amendments on both—and that would require united front from Republicans in the more liberal Northeast. (Republicans have never won as much as three-fifths of either chamber in the last 80 years.) Even in the unlikely event an amendment could get through Congress, then you need at least 38 states to say “yes” on either. LOL trying to get an abortion ban through any New England state (6 states), New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Maryland—those 13 states right there would be enough to defeat a constitutional amendment on abortion—and that is without even including other socially liberal states like Alaska, Delaware and Colorado. Constitutional amendments ain’t gonna pass on either—instead, say that while party overall opposes both, each should be decided by the states.

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