Morning Reads 12/10/12

Happy Monday!

Georgia Southern continues to win in the playoffs! Next weekend is a semifinal showdown.

World Congress officials to vote on new stadium this morning. Someone figure out how to blame yesterday’s loss on the Georgia Dome.

Voter Fraud in Georgia? What? Never happens. Ever.

The new commissioner for the Department of Juvenile Justice has some big issues to fix and address.

Tech Assistant Basketball Coach arrested for DUI. Team subsequently wins game.

Macon had a Christmas parade . . . . and no one got shot!

Property appraisers? What do they know? Judge in Columbus cuts value of home in half.

John Barrow donates airline miles to troops. He may or may not still be in “campaign mode.”

“The President will win.” Chambliss’ thoughts on fiscal cliff. I’m going to go make a Cliff Bar recipe called “Fiscal Cliff Fruit Cake.”

Atlanta attorney fighting against Senate filibusters. I hope he’s long-winded.

UGA Football awards players, names Jones a permanent Captain.


  1. Daddy Got A Gun says:

    I’m sure Boehner appreciates that helpful quote from Taxby. Its only a little bit more helpful, than than Taxby’s gang of six from before.

    Negotiators love it when people, supposedly on their side, offer other alternatives to a negotiated agreement to the other side.

    • Daddy Got A Gun says:

      From Wall Street Journal …. “So it’s a shame that Republicans are playing into Mr. Obama’s hands, negotiating in public among themselves, prematurely giving up on the tax issue and undermining House Speaker John Boehner in the process. ” ….. Thanks Taxby!

  2. Ed is Amazing says:

    Manny Pacquiao took a HUGE hit to his legacy over the weekend. He lost any legitimate claim he had to being the best pound-for-pound fighter of his day.

  3. saltycracker says:

    All those concerns raised on PP about the Dome are getting steamrolled by the I want it, got to have it Atlantans. Clarification: What is the reach of the bed tax – city, county or more ?

    • atlanta_advocate says:

      ” I want it, got to have it Atlantans”

      Or should it be “we actually want to run a growing, attractive city that draws tourists, entrepreneurs and high income educated affluent workers and are willing to spend our own tax money to do so” Atlantans?

      Atlanta can either be a growing, prosperous city or it can be like one of those declining Appalachia/rust belt cities. Which do you prefer? Do you want Atlanta to be Pittsburgh/ Cleveland? Or Seattle/Phoenix? You can’t be a growing city unless you give people a reason to choose your city over other cities to live and invest in.

      People who choose to live in cities are generally going to be liberal Democrats. They don’t mind paying taxes, because they prefer the tax burden to not having the amenities that makes cities a place where they actually like to live in. If Atlanta doesn’t have those amenities, then the high income, educated urbanites will choose other cities to live, work and start businesses in.

      It is kind of a strange situation here. The Atlanta suburbs are filled with people who fled urbanization elsewhere and are adamantly opposed to recreating New York City and Los Angeles in Georgia. That is fine for them, but because of the new economy and changing society, the survival of Atlanta (the city proper) requires attracting the very urban liberals that the suburbanites moved here to get away from. For Atlanta (and urbanized DeKalb) it is either attract these people or become a declining crater. And here is the rub … if Atlanta becomes this declining crater, what happens to the suburbs? For that matter, what happens to the rest of the state, which increasingly depends on tax money redistributed from Atlanta (the city proper and the suburbs) because thanks to the long-declining manufacturing, military and agricultural sectors in this state, no longer have any industry or revenue of their own?

      If not in this area specifically, this may be in general why it is a good idea to let Atlanta make its own decisions and stay out of its way.

      • saltycracker says:

        “let Atlanta make its own decision and stay out of the way”
        Refer to my question on the tax which I believe to be just imposed on motels in the City. Agree, outsiders should accept the MYOB position but the financial direction suggests Atlanta will be asking for state & metro assistance one of these days. A world class city does not build a transportation system around folks that can’t afford a car.

        • atlanta_advocate says:

          “A world class city does not build a transportation system around folks that can’t afford a car.”

          No, world class cities build comprehensive transportation systems for which they get lots of help from their states. This is the case in even conservative states like Florida, North Carolina and Texas.

          “the financial direction suggests Atlanta will be asking for state & metro assistance one of these days.”

          As Atlanta currently sends a ton of its tax receipts to the other Georgia, there is an easy fix for that problem isn’t it?

      • Noway says:

        Advocate, this magical Valhalla of spending liberal stampeding to Atlanta will not occur simply because the tax payers are asked to take it in the shorts, sans lube, for a 2 billion dollar stadium we do not need.

        • Noway says:

          Reading your description, I thought Kurt Russell was making Escape from New York 3. All will be saved by building this stadium.

        • atlanta_advocate says:

          That is why I wrote: “If not in this area specifically.” Because it isn’t just about this stadium. There is the little matter of state oversight of MARTA (while providing practically no funds for it). Bottom line: like it or not, stuff like this is what is needed for a growing city. And it is precisely why so few major cities are run by conservative Republicans. A RINO who would be a liberal Democrat in Georgia like Rudy Giuliani is as conservative as they come. And Giuliani spent A TON of taxpayer money on renovating Times Square.

  4. Noway says:

    It’s simply was waste of taxpayer money that is best left in the pockets of those who earned it. It’s like that damn rail to Chattanooga or to Savannah, what a freaking boondoggle suggestion those two are. Wanna go to Chattanooga, get on a non-traffic filled I-75 north and have at it. Same for Savannah, not enough folks go to either damn city to warrant BS spending. Same for this stupid new stadium.
    The team will move? BFD!!! Take the Hawks with you and don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.

    • atlanta_advocate says:

      “It’s simply was waste of taxpayer money that is best left in the pockets of those who earned it.”

      Ummm … well we have what is called a representative government. The voters of Atlanta have consistently rejected supply side/small government thinking. If you impose that thinking on the voters of Atlanta using the power that your side has amassed in the Georgia legislature, how does that make you any different – any better – than Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama in Washington D.C.?

      Returning money to the taxpayer has never caused economic growth, or growth in the number of high income educated citizens, in any city. Never has. Never will. Your supply side ideology doesn’t work for urban America. Maybe it works fine for the suburbs I guess, and if so that is where it needs to stay.

  5. Noway says:

    “Returning money to the taxpayer”
    Lord, Lord, Lord….
    It’s not the gov’t’s money to “return” in the first damn place. They seize enough of it. How about not taking it to waste in the first place.

    I’m not arguing economic theory with you. I’m saying, if you earn it it’s yours, better left for you to decide how to spend it on your wants and those of your family.

    And you can cause more economic growth that you can imagine spending your own money on products, services or investments that you choose.

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