Brad Hughes Announces Campaign for State Senate District 11

Conservative Leader Brad Hughes Announces Campaign for State Senate District 11, Pledges Bold, Conservative Leadership at State Capitol

Conservative Republican grassroots leader Brad Hughes announced today that he will run in the special election on January 8th as a Republican candidate for State Senate District 11. District 11 covers Colquitt, Decatur, Early, Grady, Miller, Seminole, and parts of Mitchell and Thomas Counties.

“After much encouragement and prayerful consideration, I am announcing my candidacy for the 11th Senate District of Georgia. I am running because our South Georgia families and farmers need a bold voice for our conservative values, for limited government, and for our way of life in the Senate.”

Hughes, who worked for Secretary of State Brian Kemp in the State Capitol, resigned his post on Friday to prepare for the race.

“While I will work hard to continue his legacy, no one can fill the shoes of Senator John Bulloch. He is a larger than life figure whose starched blue jeans and cowboy boots, coupled with his South Georgia no nonsense approach, makes him an unmatched fixture in the General Assembly. Though I may not perfectly match those attributes, I am committed to replicate the Senator’s leadership and conservative ideals.”

Hughes is known in political circles for his conservative values. He believes in a strict interpretation of the Constitution and Federalist approach to a strong state government. He is unapologetically pro-life and pro-family.

“Along with my conservative approach, I am also extremely committed to strong ethics reform. Georgians have made their voices clear, and District 11 doesn’t need any career politicians who love the lobbyist funded entertainment culture.”

“I humbly ask for the vote of every person in District 11 with the pledge to always do what is best for them.”

Brad Hughes was raised in Blakely, Georgia and graduated from Early County High School. He holds degrees from The Baptist College of Florida and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He served as an assistant to State Representatives Kevin Cooke and Delvis Dutton and is immediate past Chairman of the 2nd Congressional District Republican Party. In 2006, Hughes was the Republican nominee for US Congress in the 2nd District. Most recently, He served in the Office of Secretary of State Brian Kemp.



  1. swga resident says:

    Brad Hughes is a good guy and a lot of fun to be around but probably not a good choice for the state senate seat. He’s never held what I would call a steady job. He’s never been married. These two specifics alone indicate his lack of life experience that is so important when looking for someone to represent us – someone who will be making decisions that affect our working and family lives. Additionally, the coffee shop he recently opened in Blakely did not make it and has already closed. I supported him when he ran against Bishop but he only got around 30% or so of the vote in that 2006 election.

    • colq.county resident says:

      Abraham Lincoln had a few failures before he became one of our best presidents ever.

  2. Old Bearded One says:

    Old Abe is what you are comparing Brad Hughes to. Wow now you think
    he is eligible to run for Presidency. Careful Obama has already been

  3. SallyForth says:

    OMG. Yet another special election that we taxpayers will have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to conduct. Can’t these Republican fleas stop jumping around, actually do the job they said they wanted to be hired for? Unless an incumbent dies or is physically incapacitated, they should have to personally pay the cost of replacing themselves.

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