Jobs? Unemployment? How About Foreclosures?

Because we’ve been leading the nation:

“Foreclosures made up 38 percent of all home sales in Georgia during the third quarter. That was the highest percentage of any state. Experts say chronic high unemployment and underemployment are keeping many Georgians from staying in their homes.”

More than a third of all SALES were foreclosures? Why do they even count as sales? How about this recent “transaction,” as reported in the AJC:

“Reneka Wheeler and Michelene Meusa have been on the streets since July, shuffling between homeless shelters with their two kids. On Thursday, they moved into a bright pink bungalow in SW Atlanta’s hardscrabble Pittsburgh community — not as owners or tenants, but as occupiers. “We’re taking one back from the bank,” said Meusa, adding they have the blessing of the home’s former owners.”

I mean, they got the blessing of the “former owners,” so that’s a legitimate sale, right?


  1. saltycracker says:

    So far it reads like an incompetent N.Y. bank that needs to step up, claim their property, take responsibility and protect community values from criminals.

  2. Rick Day says:

    You seem put off by this, Mike? Can we help?

    Is this your property, Mike? Did you have plans for this particular home? Is it in your neighborhood? Could you find Pittsburgh from your neighborhood without consulting your GPS?

    Has anyone been put out by these two women and their children? You R’s claim you want people ‘off the dole’ as in ‘free meals at shelters’ and other such ridiculous waste of The Rich Man’s Tax Monies™.

    If your beef is ‘but it is cheating!’ then I suggest you root out the cheaters within your elected ranks first, before taking a couple of homeless families to task for sheltering their children.

    Let me tel you about this man they call Jesus, what he would have to say about your position, and where you may wind up at the end of the Day.

    • Listen, you jerk, I took nobody “to task” for anything, but if I were to do so, it would be the lenders who made really stupid bet that somebody could pay back a loan on a house in Pittsburgh (and yes, I know where it is). My problem today is with how numbers related to the economy are reported -as in headlines that say “unemployment is the lowest it’s been since 2008” without bothering to note that the jobs market is as small as it was in 1980; and as in real estate foreclosures being counted as “sales.”
      So you can shove your sanctimony.

      • Rick Day says:

        My Gramma taught me that, during earnest discussion, you know you have won the point when your opponent calls you a name.

        And look me in the monitor and tell me putting “transaction” in quote marks and your last sentence (in your OP) is not the very definition of ‘sanctimony’, if not passive agressiveness found in many conservative thinking folk.
        If you were championing these women’s tactics, you certainly worded it poorly and I apologize. If you were not championing them, then you were doing otherwise and you should get real about the source of this issue.

        At least let’s be intellectually honest and realistic here, Mike. This kind of bothers you; to the point you made it a post on PP. It’s OK to be angry over this, just be honest about the source of that anger.

  3. political arsonist says:

    Why wouldn’t foreclosure sales be counted?
    They are not saying the foreclosure process is a sale. It is when the home that was foreclosed on by a bank is sold by the bank to an individual that is counted as a sale.
    No one wants to pay too much for a home in this economy so a foreclosure is often the best deal out there.

    • saltycracker says:

      Like any govt formula you need it to tell you what you want to work with, unemployment, inflation, property values…..and if a third of all sales are foreclosures, get that number out to keep taxes up and avoid the negative public reaction to adjusting the millage.

      Property taxes cause turnover/movement/progress good and bad. If it is your homestead and the taxes go up and your income didn’t, get a better job, cut other expenses or loose your home……it is an evil tax. Tax the sale, tax the revenue from it, fine abandonment. but why tax an asset for just owning it ?

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