Morning Reads for Thursday, December 6

So… I got in from a “sales dinner” with five women at 1:23am this morning.  It wasn’t quite like this, but I am in fact tired this morning.  Our third day of meetings starts at 7:45am.  Morning reads will be brief, so drop some links in the comments because I know there’s more out there to discuss today.


  • Cherokee County is playing musical chairs. No link – scroll through the posts (and comments) to catch up.  The runoff is Jan 8th.  Buh, how much will the holidays stink for those consultants?
  • PP’s very own Rep. Buzz Brockway has a Tumblr account.
  • Safety first: Fulton County Commissioners rejected a proposal to replace more than 1,300 faulty locks on cell doors.





    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Been like this for a while, Ed.

      Fulton County deserves to meltdown. If the Commission can’t fund locks that work for its jail, its basic responsibility of its constitutional officers can’t be met.

      Emma Darnell ought to be ashamed to walk out of her house. No votes for jail locks because she wants to spend the money on handouts to a senior center?

      • Andre says:

        I believe it is past time for Commissioner Tom Lowe to face opposition in the Republican primary.

        Those who observe the Fulton County Commission know that Lowe is an embarrassment. Lowe is not doing his job. He regularly misses meetings, and the meetings he does attend, he sleeps through.

        The folks who live in Lowe’s district don’t have to worry about him interfering in local issues due to the fact that all those decisions are now made by the local city councils. Still, Lowe needs to go.

        • Baker says:

          Someone should perhaps mention the problems Mr. Lowe causes to Rep. Jan Jones and the rest of the “Milton County” delegation. It’s not all Queen Emma’s demagoguing that is screwing up that commission.

        • Bob Loblaw says:

          It shouldn’t take a tie-breaking vote to put locks that work in the County Jail. It’s one of the most basic things a county has to do. It’s not like Fulton is Mayberry, either. Otis may let himself in and out of the clink, but these guys in Fulton aren’t Otis.

          Regardless of whether or not Lowe shows, sleeps or even votes, there should be four votes to have locks on jail cells. This is the kind of stuff that makes Milton County a possibility. Georgia suffers the consequences when Fulton doesn’t lock up its bad guys. Georgia, then, may just have to act to make sure Fulton at least does the basics.

  1. Ed is Amazing says:

    “1:23am this morning”

    I’m glad it wasn’t 1:23am in the afternoon.

    Because that would be weird.

  2. Rationallogic says:

    Emma Darnell: “I wish I lived in a world where dollars did not matter” – spoken like a true ‘progessive’

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