Scot Turner Announces For Sean Jerguson’s Seat

As expected, with Sean Jerguson jumping into a race with Brandon Beach for Chip Roger’s Senate Seat, there is now a race for the House in Cherokee County as well.  The election is likely to be held on January 8th, so get ready to campaign while caroling.

From a press release:

Holly Springs, Georgia – Scot Turner, who earned more than 4000 votes in the Republican Primary Election for State House District 21 in July 2012, announced that he will run for the seat in January that is being vacated by State Rep. Sean Jerguson. A special election is expected to be called by Governor Nathan Deal for January 8, 2013.

“During the Republican primary campaign this summer, one of the greatest opportunities I received was the chance to listen to the concerns and issues that are important to the people of Cherokee County. I believe our message of restoring faith in government resonated with the voters,” said Turner.

“I am now humbled and excited to have the opportunity to continue what we started just under one year ago.   Given the opportunity to continue the fight to serve our area, I will again seek to earn your vote for the Georgia House of Representatives in District 21,” said Turner.

Scot Turner served in the United States Army Reserve and has lived in Georgia since 1997. He currently works as Director of Field Services for Source Direct, where he is responsible for engineers across the country supporting enterprise level computing environments for many Fortune 500 companies.

Scot has served as  a precinct chair and a member of the Board of Directors for the Cherokee County Republican Party and served as a Sergeant-at-Arms for both the Sixth District and State GOP Conventions as well as establishing the social media efforts for the Canton Tea Party Patriots.  In these positions, Scot has worked tirelessly to honor the conservative values instilled in him by his life experiences as well the traditional principles encouraged by Watermarke Community Church where he and his family are active congregants.
Scot lives in Holly Springs with his wife of 13 years, Kelly , their two children and two cats and an ever lucky dog named Jack.

         More information about Scot Turner and his campaign for Georgia State House are available at his website,



  1. sunkawakan says:

    This is shaping up to be a wonderfully bloody pair of races. There are rumors of up to three others who may try for the House race.

  2. Bob Loblaw says:

    This House district re-elected Sean over Turner for a reason. We need a Republican in office–not another Murdoch wannabe. Cherokee County Republicans, you’re up. Find a candidate.

    • Three Jack says:


      How is Scot Turner comparable to that wackjob Murdoch? I don’t know him well, but from what I have read, he seems to be a fairly normal dude determined to join with others to challenge lobbyist control over our state legislature.

      • Bob Loblaw says:


        If you really think that the electeds don’t have “control” over the lobbyists, then your not paying attention or don’t understand the dynamic. He’s a guy to took on a good conservative in a GOP Primary and lost. Now that Sean’s leaving, the Sean’s of this district need to remember that and find someone who wants to work with others for the betterment of the district. Peeing all over the current leadership, who are continuing to succeed politically, mind you, is not a good platform to run on if you want a Representative who can be effective.

        They need a Republican, not a TEA Party candidate.

        • Charlie says:

          Bob, if you could put down your fork over there at Chops long enough, I beg you to please phone in a sign order that says “We need a Republican, not a TEA Party candidate” for this race. That’s going to work really well in Cherokee County. Really, really well.

            • Three Jack says:


              So he ran on a platform challenging the status quo…still don’t see how that causes comparison to a wackjob like Murdoch. And obviously Charlie is correct…Cherokee is home to the TPP.

            • Scot says:

              Funny story about the spelling of my name:

              When I was born, my mother was in labor for 22 hours without the benefit of medication. She spent nearly a full day sweating, pushing, and screaming and in a great deal of discomfort and pain. When I was finally born, completely naturally, I weighed 9 lbs 14 oz.

              After that, she was only capable of speaking in four letter words.

              • Napoleon says:

                Reminds me of a old story that Lincoln used to tell about his wife’s family. People used to ask Lincoln why Mary Todd’s family spelled their name with 2 d’s. Lincoln replied, “One “d” is enough for God, but I guess the Todds thought they needed 2.”

                If you consider that in German, God is spelled Gott, then Scot kind of works that in reverse.

        • Tori Wester says:

          Bob, I’m curious, do you live in Cherokee County?

          I absolutely believe that Scot wants to work for the betterment of his district…. Unlike Sean, who was elected and is now pursuing further career aspirations, rather than serving his constituents. As Three Jack stated below, Scot ran his campaign as a challenge to the status quo. I fail to see how that is “peeing” on the current leadership… In fact, I would argue that a lot more folks in office need to get “pissed on.” If we cease to question our elected officials, they are no longer accountable to us. Surely you would not disagree.

          Scot is EXACTLY the kind of candidate that Cherokee County voters like.

          • debbie0040 says:

            @Tori, Bob is a stauch defender of Speaker Ralston and apparently thinks newly elected House members should just fall in line and just do whatever Speaker Ralston wants. Some of the candidates backed by Speaker Ralston have won their races and some have lost.

            I came across this old clip and was reminded of Bob and Speaker Ralston

            • Three Jack says:

              I’m still waiting for Bob to provide facts that put Scot in the same category as Indiana Murdoch. So far, crickets.

  3. SallyForth says:

    These danged Republicans are costing Georgia taxpayers a ton of money for conducting a continuum of special elections! They jump around like a bunch of fleas, every time a more lucrative job comes available. What part of the word “commitment” don’t they understand?

    All these people who ran for the General Election on Nov. 6th were making a two-year agreement with the voters in their districts who hired/elected them as their representatives in the Georgia Senate and House. Nothing short of catastrophe is an honorable excuse for jumping ship. The Republican and Democratic Parties need to add a sentence to candidate qualifying forms, have the candidate swear he/she will pay the costs of a special election if they do not serve the full term for which they are running.

    “We honor our public service obligations,” said none of them.

  4. toripundit says:

    I am VERY pleased that Scot Turner is running for this house district again. I am a life-long resident of Cherokee County and I believe Scot will be nothing short of spectacular as a representative.

    It’s rare that you meet a candidate who is so strong in maintaining his principles that he will willingly put himself at a fundraising diaadvantage (by not taking out of state, PAC, or lobbyist dollars). I have great respect for Scot and look forward to his eventul leadership in the General Assembly!

  5. Leviathan says:

    Personally, I’m glad Scot stepped up to the plate.

    He’s committed, and I know to expect a good, clean race from him. Having spoken with him at length on several occasions, I’m convinced that he’s just the kind of fiscal conservative to set an example. He’s definitely outspoken enough to make the changes in our General Assembly that conservatives like me so desperately want to see.

  6. nearwoodstock says:

    With respect to Sean Jerguson, I’m thrilled to see the opportunity for Cherokee County to keep a well-respected, real conservative in its delegation, and even see him gain a bigger voice in the Senate. I consider him a valuable friend and have supported him for years.

    That excitement is increased exponentially at the prospect of opening an opportunity for Scot Turner to serve us as well. Scot is a champion for ethical government and has real vision on the many issues that are important to us in Cherokee. He’s a class act, and puts us before himself.

    • 2 Down 1 To Go says:

      Sean is going to feel the full force of the school system in this race. His association with Cherokee GOP proclamation to renounce party affiliation and leading the change in how the Cherokee County School Board is elected remains fresh in the memory of a lot of people.

      The general election saw Beach hamstrung by his support of TSPLOST and a well funded aggressive campaign by the then Senate Majority Leader. The school board members were also fighting their own hotly contested battles. With both of those out of the way, expect a a significant backlash against Sean for choosing the wrong side.

      I’m not suggesting that Beach will win easily, but I do believe Sean will face more hardships that a weakly contested house seat challenge.

      • Three Jack says:


        ‘full force fo the school system’, oh my!! Good luck with that. School will be out for at least 2 weeks of the campaign so it will extra hard for Dr. P and his myrmidons to propagandize this race. Even if they make it a priority, we’ve already seen how the ‘full force of the school system’ plays in that senate district.

        • 2 Down 1 To Go says:

          Beach pulled 41% of the vote with the TSPLOST albatross hanging around his neck and the Senate Majority Leader as his opponent. One of the biggest local issues of that election was the heavy handiness of the state delegation in reference to school related issues. If the school system (and I’m including parents, not just the board and administrators) didn’t have an impact on the election where did the votes come from?

          • ryanhawk says:

            Well TSPLOST is still hanging around Beach’s neck, as it should be. There is a clear contrast between the two candidates on that issue (and others) and Beach is on the wrong side. Of the two, Jerguson has demonstrated much better judgement regarding how we should approach our major public policy challenges.

          • Three Jack says:


            Senator Rogers also was tagged with flipping on TSPLOST, ‘Will the Winner’ coverage and his hotel loan debacle. Maybe his support of school choice was a factor, but not the only reason he ‘only’ won by a 20% margin.

            Sean is an entrepreneur, business owner and has spent many years serving the community in Cherokee County. Beach has an uphill battle ahead of him.

            • 2 Down 1 To Go says:

              Three Jack,

              Sorry that you’ve been taken in by the talking points. What happened had absolutely zero to do with school choice and had everything to do with creating a new conduit of campaign donations in and public money out.

              • Three Jack says:


                If you look back, you will see I was one of the more ardent opponents of the new statewide bureaucracy aka charter school comission. Thus I was on the opposite side from Chip and Sean during that debate.

                Despite our differences on that issue, I maintain that Sean has a distinct advantage in the senate district. It’s not about talking points, it’s about geography and who can turn out the most voters during holiday season.

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