Brandon Beach Announces For Chip Rogers’ Vacated Seat

From a press release.  Also, the election is now officially January 8th:

Alpharetta, GA Today Brandon Beach announced his intention to run in the Special Election for State Senate District 21, a seat formerly held by Chip Rogers. Before the special-election race begins, Beach would like to thank Senator Rogers for his service to the State and wish him well in his new endeavor. Beach is energized and ready to run for this vacancy.

Beach is overwhelmed by the show of support he has received from citizens, business leaders, and elected officials encouraging him to run for this vacancy.   Beach has received endorsements from Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, Sheriff Roger Garrison, Cherokee County Commission Chairman Buzz Ahrens, Commissioners Jason Nelms and Jim Hubbard, Senator Jeff Mullis, Alpharetta Mayor David Belle Isle, Milton Mayor Joe Lockwood and many more elected officials from around the district and the state.  Beach stated that the support he has received from hundreds of citizens from all over Cherokee County is especially heartwarming.

Beach comes to this race with real experience as an effective leader and unique qualities to represent the needs of District 21 constituents. Beach has long been a leader in the community who has worked diligently to bring new jobs and needed traffic and tax relief to residents.

“The people of Cherokee County and North Fulton need effective representation under the Gold Dome; we need a Senator who is responsive to the people of the 21st district–a Senator who is solutions-driven. I have the track record and experience necessary to provide this leadership,” said Beach.

No stranger to public service, Beach served as a member of the Alpharetta City Council from 2000-2004 where he championed lower taxes. Through his work on establishing Alpharetta’s Homestead Exemption, all homeowners realized significantly lower taxes.  Beach said, “I am proud of implementing one of the strongest Homestead Exemptions in the State of Georgia that resulted in tax relief for the citizens of Alpharetta.”

Beach has worked as President/CEO of the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce for the past 10 years. Throughout his tenure, Beach has worked diligently with politicians to develop pro-business initiatives on all levels of local, state, national and even international governments. Even in this recession, the Chamber and its various entities have been instrumental in creating 2,500+ new jobs in North Fulton. Beach fosters a unified approach to promote the six cities in the Chamber footprint. His visionary and collaborative principles will serve him well in the Georgia Senate.

Since 2007 Beach has represented Cherokee and North Fulton as the 6th District representative on the State Transportation Board. The 6th District Legislative Delegation twice voted Beach to this post unanimously. In this position he has brought vital traffic relief solutions to Cherokee and North Fulton Counties.

Beach said, “Serving on the State Transportation Board is an honor; it has enabled me to meet many leaders in both the public and private sector. The 6th District has seen many transportation improvements; two recent examples are the opening of Westside Parkway in Alpharetta and the interchange at I-575 and Ridgewalk Parkway, which opened earlier this month ahead of schedule and under budget.”

While acknowledging that creating jobs and strengthening the state and local economy are his highest priorities, Beach says there are a number of other issues, notably improving education and continuing to improve transportation infrastructure, which he believes are important. Beach said, “The people of the 21st District deserve a Senator who is approachable and in touch with the needs of the community. I’m a conservative, solutions-based leader who believes in lower taxes, less government, and local control.”

Brandon and his wife of 28 years, Shuntel, are residents of Alpharetta. They have two children: Courtney, a graduate of the University of Georgia, now a law student at College of Charleston and Hunter, a golfer at North Georgia College. Both children are graduates of Milton High School. Beach and his family are active members of the Alpharetta First United Methodist Church. They are natives of Louisiana.

“We came to Atlanta 20 years ago. I’ve seen a lot of change, and I’m proud to say that I’ve been a part of the change and growth.  North Fulton and Cherokee are on the cusp of several years of amazing growth, and I look forward to leading the way through my work as a Georgia Senator.  The citizens of the 21st District deserve a Senator who will work hand in hand with other elected officials in a unified effort to affect positive change in the Great State of Georgia, and I am confident that I am the man for the job”


  1. southernpol says:

    Painful to read. The writer of this press release should learn to alternate “Beach” and “he” or “his”. Try reading this thing out loud.

    Sorry.. pointless rant over. Good luck to him.

  2. John Konop says:

    As many of you know I like Chip and Sean. I do think Brandon will bring a lot to the table if he wins. He is a very bright businessman, who would be a great addition to the Georgia Senate. I do hope my neighbors in Cherokee will take a close look at Brandon and listen to his ideas.

    I kept silent about my views in the last election via my respect for Chip. And I do wish Chip and his family the best with his new direction in life. And I do not have anything against Sean, in fact I think he should stay in the house. But I will support Brandon in this election via his excellent qualification, and vision for our district.

  3. tdk790 says:

    WSB reported this election will cost $500,000. If that is an accurate and universal figure, Governor Deal’s legislator appointments have cost $8 million. Even if each election costs a quarter of WSB’s figure, that’s still $2 million of taxpayer money.

    16 elections caused by the Governor: 2 each to replace Butterworth, Seabaugh, Hamrick, Bearden, Mills, Huckaby. 1 each to replace Rep. Williams, Rep. Austin. Assuming 1 each for Rogers, Jerguson. (Austin and Jerguson obviously did not get appointed, but their seats opened because Deal appointed senators.)

  4. notsplost says:

    I wish Chip Rogers well in his new career, and if his heart was truly not in it he did the right thing by leaving public life. If nothing else he helped kill that gawdawful monstrosity also known as the TSPLOST.

    However that being said, I have to question the timing. I suspect that the first moment of doubt he had about his political career was not the minute after the last ballots were counted in November.
    More likely he had doubts going back earlier, perhaps as early as during the primary when he could have bowed out and saved the taxpayers $500K.

    And I don’t think democracy is being well served here either. There is no way to run any kind of campaign that gives voters the chance to make a thoughtful choice between now and January 8th. Given the calendar and the holidays, nobody outside of the readers of this blog is going to be paying any attention whatsoever to the “race”. I’m sure the Democrats are thrilled that Brandon Beach has been essentially installed as Rogers’ replacement. So much for democracy.

    Governor Deal should have just appointed someone as a temporary fill-in until a real election could be held later in the year, giving both parties a chance to find a wider field of candidates. I admit though I am not sure this is even allowed under GA law.

  5. 2 Down 1 To Go says:

    By finding a “wider field of candidates” do you perhaps mean getting “get the money flowing”?

    Jerguson and Beach are well known to the voters of the area. Jerguson through his legislative record and campaigns in the last 4 elections. Beach through a hard fought battle with the Chipster that involved so many mailers the local postal workers have a group rate on massage therapy.

    If these were two completely unknowns to the district I might agree with you but in a situation like this I’d suggest that a quick and less painful election is exactly what is needed. The people don’t need more politics, they need more representation.

  6. ricstewart says:

    Can someone add up the cost of all the special elections called as a result of political appointments under Governor Deal?

  7. CCFRG says:

    60% Cherokee 40% North Fulton. I’d guess that Beach will do well considering he got 14,000 plus votes in the primary and from the looks of this release has a lot of elected support in Cherokee.

  8. unleadpencil says:

    The last vote for Rogers (unchallenged in Nov) was 79% Cherokee, 21% Fulton. The message from all candidates sounds same ol, same ol Republican mantra. However, there are vast leadership personalities in the candidates thus far. Please don’t run the same hypocritical conservatism – we deserve better out here. Tsplost was a fake issue which Rogers waffled on last round to defeat someone dedicated to finding sound transportation and education solutions. No more tea, please – leadership.

  9. jpmsouth says:

    Charlie you need to choke that chicken that told you Mrs. Bosch might run. Even if she was in the District Cherokee County voters would put aside their differences to unite against her. Her record on the BOC is abysmal.

  10. John Konop says:

    First Charlie does not live in Cheokee county.Second , Karen will not run, and she has had a tough few years, that any parent could not imagine…….why not let it all fly past the wind……….Karen may have made some mistakes, but I really feel for her situation. Btw Charlie does not need me to defend him for doing his job……..

  11. I Miss the 90s says:

    For the citizens of Cherokee County: 575 is up for a HOT lane. Beach is to blame…he already did

    The Lexus Lane is only traffic relief if you are willing to pay for access to the fast lane of a road you already paid to construct.

    • Rambler14 says:

      Educate yourself!

      the vehicles that choose to pay the additional toll are no longer in the free lanes with you. That’s traffic relief.

      75/575 will be constructed as additional capacity, not a conversion of HOV like 85 was.

  12. CCFRG says:

    The HOT lane in Gwinnett was started and run by SRTA, GDOT and Beach ha nothing to do with it.

    The 75/575 project is new capacity and is a public private partnership that will be great for the northwest corridor.

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