Morning Reads for Tuesday, 12/4/2012

Not Georgia:

  • The price of Samsung’s iPhone attack (Asympco)
  • Mandatory perusal: Fiscal Cliff FAQ (Wapo)
  • The incestual failings of the GOP contained in one office suite (RedState)
  • 21 ways to take advantage of your 20’s, or don’t respond to every tweet (ThoughtCatalog)
  • The economics behind irrational behavior (TheEuropean)
  • the insourcing boom is the company savior (TheAtlantic)
  • How HP’s Autonomy purchase makes AOL/Time Warner look tame (NYT)
  • Keeping yourself sane in the screenwriting game (LAReviewofBooks)
  • Why can’t India produce enough food, (BusinessWeek)
  • Two pieces on real estate economics deserve to be viewed (GreenEconomics)
  • Fracking may be affecting our artiodactyls (TheNation)
  • On Romanescu broccoli, or the father of fractals (WSJ)



  1. Max Power says:

    Nothing about the GSP’s Assault Weapons at the Capitol? I think they’ve been watching the Chuck Norris classic Invasion USA too much.

          • Not really all that surprising. The French even patrol their airports carrying assault weapons. I was pretty shocked the first time I came across them patrolling at Charles De Gaulle.

              • Daddy Got A Gun says:

                A more effective defense against an Active Killer is a citizen with a firearm. They are on-scene at the initiation of the attack and have better tactical and location knowledge than arriving officers.

                Strutting around like a peacock with a rifle is security theater, nothing more.

                • bowersville says:

                  Now you’ll know. Every police officer that puts on the uniform realizes each morning they may not return home. Each knows the uniform not only takes them into harms way but also marks them as a target for every street thug around, even the unarmed crossing cop. No police officer carry’s a rifle strutting around like a peacock for security theater. The type of firearms Police carry is determined by policy, usually set by civilians of some sort. I’m not so sure today that many/all police, by policy prohibition, can carry some fire arms legal to civilians. Police carry the rifle for a reason and it dang sure not theater.

                  While police were carrying .38 soft lead low power six shooters, the thugs were carrying high capacity weapons of all sorts. It’s been a struggle for police at all levels to convince the civilians with over sight authority that police were out gunned.

                  Besides the term Active Killer you made up to hype your point. It’s active shooter.


              • “this isn’t France and the Capitol isn’t an Airport.”

                I was wondering why the eiffel tower was missing all of a sudden.

                But seriously… many people see certain parts of Europe as being anti-gun. Even though the airport has more people in it than the Capitol building, I would think as the head building of a government, the Capitol would receive more protection than an airport. Just my two cents.

                • Daddy Got A Gun says:

                  Its a matter of risk and potential.

                  An Airport is a wonderful target for an Active Killer. Wide open spaces filled with thousands of defenseless targets all in close proximity, ie TSA Security Lines.

                  Government office buildings are much less attractive for an Active Killer. There are limited numbers of people who are spread out in offices and other spaces. An Active Killer can only get to so many before they have to move and hunt for more victims. Hunting takes time and adds risk he’ll encounter a victim that will fight back.

                  In any Active Killer event, its very important to FIGHT. Fighting is the only proven way to reduce causalities. And don’t wait for SWAT, they are at least an 1 hour away.

  2. John Konop says:

    Freedom speech should not allow someone to promote violence, end of story!

    ……….Harold Turner was arrested after a blog post suggesting Connecticut officials ‘obey the Constitution or die’ and urging readers to ‘take up arms.’ A blogger who urged readers to “take up arms” against Connecticut officials is suing state government leaders for $50 million after being acquitted of threatening and inciting violence charges………..

  3. AMB says:

    The Governor should take some slush fund money ( you know he has one; they all had one) and meet with the Fire Chiefs of every school district and get high quality carbon monoxide detectors in every school within weeks. Atlanta barely avoided a tragedy yesterday at Finch Elementary.

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