Mike Dugan Defeats Bill Hembree in Senate District 30

Carroll County resident Mike Dugan defeated former Rep. Bill Hembree 56-44% in the Senate District 30 Special Election Primary Runoff tonight.

Dugan was significantly outspent in this contest. His home county, Carroll, went for him by a margin of about 3,000 to 1,000. Hembree carried the other two counties of Douglas and Paulding but turnout was extremely light in those.

Congratulations to Mike Dugan.  However, Dugan will still face a Libertarian in the upcoming Special General Election for the seat. No Democrat filed for the seat.


  1. Douglasville Dude says:

    Voter turnout:
    Douglas 9.1%
    Paulding 2.6%
    Carroll 7.7%
    Total district 6.9%

    As you mentioned, Dugan won Carroll County by a 3 to 1 margin. Carroll County makes up 55.4% of the registered voters in the district and made up 62.3% of actual votes cast. Hembree only won one precinct in Carroll County.

    Hembree won all of the precincts in Douglas and Paulding Counties but they are only 22.1% and 22.5%, respectively, of registered voters in the district, and 29.3% and 8.4% of actual votes cast.

    Mike Dugan faces Libertarian James Camp on January 8.

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