Elections Ain’t Over ‘Til They’re Over

Just in case you forgot, Georgia has one election run-off. That would be the 30th Senate District. The contenders in that race are Republicans Bill Hembree and Mike Dugan. Polls are open until 7p tonight. Go vote if you live in the 30th State Senate district. If you don’t live in the district, talk about who will win or who you want to win in the comments below.  The winner of tonight’s contest will face Libertarian James Camp for the special election on January 8th.  Thanks to Douglasville Dude for the update.


  1. Remember, today is the special Republican primary run-off in the 30th Senate district.
    The winner today is not elected today. They only advance to the January 8, 2013 special election against Libertarian Party candidate James Camp.

  2. robertstarge says:

    Bill Hembree has a proven conservative track record and is the right guy for the job. Mike Dugan has not only used negative campaigning throughout this election but he continues to use his military background as if that automatically qualifies him. Bill Hembree will win in a landslide.

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