Confirmed: Chip Rogers Leaving Senate; Joining Georgia Public Broadcasting – UPDATED with Statement

Aaron Sheinin and Kristina Torres of the AJC confirmed our rumors from this morning.  Now it appears Rogers is doing interveiws to explain his move.  Here’s one with Walter Jones that has the details from Rogers’ own mouth:

Gov. Nathan Deal personally offered him a new position working under the state agency’s director Teya Ryan. Deal made the offer before Rogers released a statement last month saying he would not run for re-election as the leader of the Republicans in the Senate.

“When the idea of leaving the Senate came up, it was something I had never considered,” Rogers, R-Woodstock, said in an interview with Morris News.

Rogers’ career is in broadcasting. He once owned a radio station and said Tuesday that he was in a position where he didn’t need to work. He accepted the position, he said, because it gives him time with his three children while returning to broadcasting to oversee a new initiative at the state’s radio and television network focused on jobs and education.

Senator Rogers has now released the following statement:

ATLANTA (December 4, 2012) – Sen. Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock) has released the following statement regarding his decision to step down from the Georgia State Senate to accept a position with Georgia Public Broadcasting:

“The opportunity to help lead Georgia Public Broadcasting is like a dream come true in many respects. The incredible team put together by Director Ryan is among the best in broadcasting. I really look forward to joining their efforts.”

Earlier today, Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) announced a new programming initiative that will examine current economic development trends and spotlight job creating companies throughout the state.

The full text of GPB’s press release:

GPB Announces New Programming Covering Economic Development

Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB Media) announced today that it is creating a new programming initiative designed to facilitate coverage of economic development and jobs in Georgia.  GPB will use its statewide reach and multiple platforms to create programming that will aggregate job opportunities, job growth areas and career counseling.

State Sen. Chip Rogers of Woodstock has announced that he is resigning his Senate seat to accept a position at GPB spearheading this initiative beginning with a statewide weekly radio program examining current economic development trends and highlighting companies that are growing and creating jobs.

“GPB has a long history of serving Georgians with programming that is relevant to career and consumer issues, said Nancy Zintak, Vice President of Marketing and Communications of GPB.  “We have long wanted to create a forum for our communities to learn about jobs in Georgia and areas of growth around the state.”

The initiative will begin in January of 2013, and the radio program will debut in spring of 2013.

“I am honored by this incredible opportunity,” Rogers said. “Much of my career has been spent in broadcasting and helping my constituents. This melds both my passions.  I look forward to creating programming on GPB that will move our great state of Georgia forward by helping connect Georgians to jobs.”

Rogers will be stepping down from the Georgia General Assembly on December 5, where he has served since 2002. Rogers and his wife, Amy, have four children and reside in Woodstock, Georgia.


  1. eburke says:

    Why is a “fiscal conservative” resigning from a seat he ran for before he even serves a day in the new term. This will cost the tax payers in his counties thousands of dollars to hold a special election. But then again, when was Sen Rogers ever concerned about what he cost the counties in his district.

    • Three Jack says:

      Hey John, why don’t you run for one of the open seats? No better opportunity than a special election, especially one where campaigning will take place over Christmas.

      • John Konop says:

        I was asked by numerous people you know……………The truth is I do not have time………..The 3 months in session is a killer…………For the amount of work they are really under paid. Not sure how someone with a full time job came do this?

        • 2 Down 1 To Go says:

          Exactly what I was telling the kids in our impromptu civics lesson during a car ride yesterday evening.

          We discussed the difference between State Legislatures as part time representatives and Federal as full time and how the State Legislature would need a job that allows them flexibility in their schedule.

          We determined that a barber / hair dresser would be the perfect job (I have two girls!)

    • +10!

      And the winner of funniest snark goes to …David C!

      Close second is for Rick Day, so far. But for once Rick couldn’t figure out how to bring up a racial angle in his comment — but did manage to bring up a species comment. You old speciesist, you…

  2. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    I like the move by GPB as it seems to open up the very lucrative gambling and gaming industries for them.

  3. Jawgadude says:

    The entire broadcast industry is in shambles and there are a zillion highly qualified unemployed broadcast pros willing to fill a position like this for $50k a year. Really curious how much Guv. Deal-maker plans to pay the old Chipmeister?

  4. saltycracker says:

    Interesting move right after reelection & associated costs – $17k doesn’t get it if it is a career — Is their any war chest of contributions that go with him ?

  5. gcp says:

    “and said Tuesday that he was in a position where he didn’t need to work.” If he has so much money perhaps he and Rep. Graves can reimburse the FDIC for the motel loan that they failed to fully repay.

    • saltycracker says:

      Missed that since only a short time ago it was the opposite – nothing adds up – there is a lot more to this story –

  6. Romegaguy says:

    Now Chipper can use the mind control techniques he learned as part of Agenda 21 and with the power of GPB he can control the entire state. Our overlords are brilliant

  7. Dave Bearse says:

    People interested in Georgia business evidently desire information on gambling, influence-peddling and socializing losses given GPB engagement of a bet-line barker turned professional politician with the know-how to gamble with a banks money and off-load losses, for a business-subject show.

    What six-figure government employment opportunity is currently available in government for a Waffle House VP? Speaking of six figures, I hope someone follows up on and shares here what Rogers will be knocking down at GPB.

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