Runoffs In Brookhaven Tuesday? Must Mean Last Minute Attacks

State Rep Mike Jacobs sent out the following email this morning.  In it he blasts Sandy Murray for flyers distributed over the weekend making false claims regarding tax liens that don’t actually belong to J. Max Davis:

I’ve been in public service eight years and have seen some pretty crazy things in that time, but nothing that sank quite this low.

Today a canvasser for Sandy Murray approached me and my wife in our driveway. He handed us an orange flyer that said the following: “J. Max Davis is a serial tax delinquent. He paid his taxes late in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012.”

I looked up this claim in the real estate and lien indexes of the Georgia Superior Court Clerks Cooperative Authority (GSCCCA). Here is what I found:

The tax liens DO NOT belong to J. Max Davis, the candidate for Mayor of Brookhaven. The tax liens belong to his deceased father’s estate. J. Max and his father happen to share a name.

I then called J. Max Davis, the mayoral candidate, and asked him about it.

J. Max Davis, the mayoral candidate, is not the administrator of his father’s estate. J. Max Davis, the mayoral candidate, is not responsible for the estate in any way whatsoever.

All of the tax liens happened because DeKalb County was sending tax notices to the wrong address for the estate. DeKalb has continued to send the notices to the wrong address year after year, despite having been notified of the problem.

Finally, all of the liens were marked “cancelled” when the mistake was pointed out and the estate’s property taxes were paid.

False smears are what desperate candidates do at the end of a losing campaign.

Sandy Murray did something similar at the end of her 2010 campaign for State Representative (click for more information), flyering and e-mailing a “Hail Mary” false attack, although it didn’t stoop nearly this low.

Attacking an opponent for the non-transgressions of his deceased father’s estate is beyond the pale.

Please consider forwarding this e-mail to your neighbors. They need to be aware before they vote on Tuesday, December 4.