Price On The Fiscal Cliff

Congressman Tom Price was on the Coffee And Markets podcast Friday giving his view of the President’s proposal to keep up from falling off the fiscal cliff. It’s short and worth a listen.

The “balanced approach” the President is seeking has $4 of tax increases for every $1 in cuts. Forward!


  1. The party that just lost an election highlighting in part that the President hasn’t had a budget in the last few years now turns on a dime and criticizes him for having a proposal even though they’ve put nothing forward themselves.

    Same party, btw, which voted for $700b in Medicare “cuts” in a budget that they didn’t themselves call cuts and then tried to run an entire campaign smearing the other guy for doing the same thing himself.

    What’s more important Republicans – trying to win again in 2014 or fixing your long term problems?

    • seenbetrdayz says:

      You are correct in pointing out hypocrisy.

      However, in terms of dealing with our debt, being right on this point doesn’t pay the bills.

      I shake my head at those who point to the other side and say “oh well look you raised our debt 1 trillion dollars so don’t talk about our 2 trillion dollar debt increase.”

      Then the wagon turns over in Congress and the other party takes the wheel, and it goes again, “oh well look you raised our debt 2 trillion dollars, so don’t talk about our 4 trillion dollar debt increase.”

      Then the wagon turns over again in Congress, “You raised our debt 4 trillion dollars so don’t talk about our 8 trillion dollar spending increase.” Anyone familiar with exponential growth?

      Folks wonder why we can’t get anywhere with the debate over our debt. It is because both parties are more interested in outdoing each other than undoing each other. Furthermore, neither side is interested in long-term solutions. They want to make it to the next election 2, 4, or 6 years away. That’s a fact of politics.

      The problem with the GOP is that they talk about cutting spending and never deliver. The problem with democrats is that they never talk about cutting spending, period.

      • Well just to be clear – there is a proposal on the table that includes some cuts – not enough for Republicans apparently (they need the Dems to propose bigger cuts out of the gate so the R’s have something to scare old people with in 2014).

  2. Max Power says:

    Buzz if you really want spending to come down raise taxes, a lot. When something is on sale below cost, people buy more of it. For years we’ve had government services on sale below cost and government has grown exponentially. Raise taxes and when people start feeling the true cost of government they’ll quickly decide which services are necessary and which can go.

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