New GSU Coach Targets BCS Bowl

Georgia State University just held a press conference unveiling its new football head coach, Trent Miles.

In news that will shock no one, Miles said now that the Panthers are heading into the FBS in the Sun Belt, his goal is ultimately to make a BCS playoff game and win the Sun Belt. He cited NIU this year, and FSU pre-Bowden  as examples of teams to follow.

“It should be a goal we are able to attain.  The sky’s the limit here.”

Listening in to a stream of the press conference, Miles had a simple  message.

“It’s time to win. We expect to win—on and off the football field. We want the total development of the athlete.”

He added he’s not at liberty to discuss personnel moves but said fans would be “surprised” by who is on his staff (NICK SABAN???!!!! I mean, he didn’t explicitly say  “Nick Saban will not be a member of my coaching staff” so there is always hope.)

When asked what his offensive and defensive schemes would be like he, he said that on offense he would use whatever suited the talents of his players, noting that he’s employed several schemes, and on defense “a very aggressive run-to-the-ball defense.”

GSU President Mark Becker and athletic director Cheryl Levick were both present for the announcement.

One thing I think is odd about his hiring is the narrative behind it. The school keeps seeming to draw parallels between Indiana State (where Miles just left) and GSU going on about how the ISU was close to being folded and the continual losing seasons… it was like come on, talk positive, not negative here!


    • Stefan says:

      Maybe because each uses their out of conference games to raise money and playing the other wouldn’t do so? That’s a guess, though, I don’t know the answer.

      • Other than the Dwags, Georgia Southern played Jacksonville University and Howard University in their out of conference games. Southern plays Florida in 2013, LSU and Charlotte in 2014, and Tech, Coastal Carolina, and Charlotte in 2015. It just may be a scheduling thing, but I would think a game at the GA Dome would draw a good crowd.

  1. dicecon says:

    New coach with maybe too high of hopes, but nonetheless good luck. Should first try beating UGA, GT and then the currently undefeated Mercer and Emory Football programs.

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