Championship Saturday Open Thread

It’s Championship Saturday and two teams are playing for more than just their Conference Title. I hope my Yellow Jackets can pull off a miracle and beat the Seminoles and I hope the Dawgs knock off the Tide and earn a spot in the National Championship against Notre Dame. Of course I can’t help but point out that Notre Dame is about to join the ACC (in everything but football but full membership will come soon enough), so I’ll claim them as a fellow ACC’er.

Discuss football in this Open Thread. Oh and if some of you out there are thinking about politics today…why? But you can talk about that too I suppose.


  1. johnl says:

    watching the SEC championship and it occurs to me how crappy that Georgia Dome looks. Embarrassing in fact how ancient and outdated it is. We really need a new one.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Agreed! Watching the Dogs play inside on such a beautiful day is a crime. Tear the place down and let’s have an option to play outside on a day like this! Go Dogs! Sic ’em!!!

      • benevolus says:

        The Dome actually makes money for the state, and ends up subsidizing the GWCC and Olympic Park. If the deal is done right, the new stadium could play the same role. If we are going to be asked to put money in, we should get something back. Does the deal include revenue to the state?

  2. Howard Roark says:

    All football should be played in open air. No comes or roofs.

    I hope Tech wins as well.

    HR, 3 time UGA graduate

  3. Ed says:

    If I weren’t on my phone I’d link to photos of pretty fsu gals.

    There are no gt girls to speak of.

    Fsu in a blowout.

  4. debbie0040 says:

    Georgia played a great game and it could have gone either way. The SEC Championship Game was truly the national championship game. It is not right that Georgia should not receive a BCS Bowl bid. Georgia fans should be extremely proud of the way their team played last night…

    The players of both teams played their hearts out. I know that Bama’s center Barrett Jones played with a hurt foot during the game and walked out of the stadium on crutches. Amari Cooper re-injured his ankle but came back in to play in the 3rd quarter. McCarron hurt his leg and played the 2nd half in pain. Jesse Williams was injured but came back in to play despite being in great pain. I was proud of my Bama team.

    There is an old saying that respect is not given to you – respect is earned. Georgia earned a great deal of respect last night.

  5. northside101 says:

    The “dumbing down” of America is quite evident this time of year in the NCAA, with all these mediocre teams going to bowls. No team with a 6-6 record (or 6-7 as in the case of Tech) should be eligible for a bowl. A bowl should be a reward for a good season (say, at least 8 victories in a 12-game regular season), not a mediocre one…I mean, would we similarly say a student with a “C” average graduates CUM LAUDE? If Paul Johnson were a profile in courage (given it is so rare for a coach to turn down a bowl offer), he would tell the world that because of Tech’s lackluster season, it will not be rewarded with a bowl…but of course I am not holding my breath!!!

  6. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    “Of course I can’t help but point out that Notre Dame is about to join the ACC (in everything but football but full membership will come soon enough), so I’ll claim them as a fellow ACC’er.”

    Notre Dame being a full member in the Atlantic Coast Conference is a pipe dream at best as the ACC is lucky just to have Notre Dame agree to play five football games against ACC teams each season.

    Heck, after Maryland leaving the conference and refusing to pay the $50 million exit fee, even Notre Dame’s continued non-football membership and partial football association with the ACC is tenuous at best before it even has started because if Maryland manages to get out of paying most or all of that exit fee then the Atlantic Coast Conference as we know it is likely a goner.

    If Maryland gets out of paying most or all of that $50 million exit fee then expect the raids by the Big 12, the SEC and the Big 10 to begin in earnest as Boston College (to Big 10), Florida State (to Big 12), Clemson (to Big 12) will be the first to hit the exits almost immediately leaving the remaining highly-desired members of value to get antsy and the newcomers from the Big East to have second thoughts about sticking around a severely mediocre football league that is all but dead.

    Even Georgia Tech, who has been the subject of increasing spectulation about a move to the Big Ten and a target for Big Ten expansion because of its location in the highly-valued Atlanta TV market, would likely be gone in short order if it is determined by the courts that Maryland does not have to pay either all or a substantial part of that $50 million exit fee.

    With his repeated and merciless raids on the Big East over the last decade, ACC Commissioner John Swafford may be a stone-cold hustler when it comes to conference expansion.

    But when it comes to expansion in the build-up to the TV-driven era of four football superconferences, Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany is the ULTIMATE HUSTLER who holds all of the cards.

    Delany, the Big Ten and the Chicago establishment will stop at nothing to make long-desired Notre Dame a member of the Big 10.

    Currently, the only thing standing in the way of the Big Ten making Notre Dame a member of its already super-wealthy conference is the ACC, a conference that comparately is like a bug in the path of the windshield of Jim Delany’s angry full-speed Big Ten 18-wheeler.

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