Morning Reads for Friday, November 30, 2012

Good Eats in Atlanta, 2012 edition.
Living history in Andersonville.
– Budget and healthcare top issues for 2013 Ga Legislature.
“Federal crack dollars.” Yeah, I know Hassinger already covered it. I still think it’s funny.
– The high falutin’ tastes of the Development Authority of Fulton County haven’t gone unnoticed. The disco search lights are a dead giveaway.
Gary Bottoms is the Marietta Citizen of the Year.
– Kryptonite? What Kryptonite? Falcons win with five picks.
– There’s some big, fancy football game this weekend. No matter who wins [Go Dawgs!], Notre Dame is toast.

Snap Crackle Pop. Is Susan Rice crispy yet?
No recovery until 2025?
Shell games.
Hands off my Cheetos!
VP Biden at Costco. At least he kept his shirt on.
– Let them eat cake. Or poi. Or something.
Syria shuts down the internet. Not good.
US birth rate falls to a record low.
“I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

Random Everywhere:
– Make a list, check it twice.
– And the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day…


  1. greencracker says:

    Hm, Gov’nur et al want federal cash for Savannah deepening but don’t want to set up a healthcare exchange. Dunno, maybe they’d do it if they got the Savannah money? #Strategy

  2. gcp says:

    “Federal crack dollars.” Agree with Sen. Hill. We need to dump this hospital bed tax. This tax rewards hospitals that treat nonpayers and penalizes hospitals that treat insured folks. More federal Medicaid money only means higher deficits.

  3. Ed says:

    So I’m thinking about making a sign for College Gameday that says:

    “The Dome is GEORGIA STATE Territory.
    “Go Panthers!”


  4. Noway says:

    Since this is an open thread I have a question. I’m riding down the interstate this morning and hear Herman Cain’s Morning Update, “They think we are stoooopiddd….” God give me strength. Whatever you think of Boortz, he was THE talk radio powerhouse in this city for the last generation. Any bets on how long Herman will last? I say one year then gone…He doesn’t have the chops to carry Neal’s shoes.

    • AMB says:

      This is a trick question, right> Sort of like, do you want to die knowing you are dying or die unconscious? Boortz is a joke. Herman is a sick joke. WSB should be blown up and re-programmed by the managers of its young days who brought honor and civility in Georgia’a top radio station.

    • I listen to Boortz 2 or 3 times a week when I go to lunch and in the morning if I’m running late enough. However, if Herman Cain is subbing for Neal that day, I find something else to listen to. I think it’s a personality thing more than anything. They both make valid points at various times, but Cain comes across more as having his positions rooted in emotion whereas I think Neal tends to explain the logic he’s using better. When Cain takes over I’ll probably end up listening to The Bert Show in the mornings, and I have no idea what at lunch.

  5. SallyForth says:

    The guy at the airport may have put eggs on their bus, but our Falcons sent the N/O aints home with egg on their face. Brees and his classless bunch actually got on national television chanting “This is our division,” “We own the Falcons”, and other such drivel before the game. Not so much after our guys picked off 5 of his passes and stopped him from getting a single passing TD – broke his streak, wah wah wah. Matty Ice and the offensive crew were good enough to win it on a night when our defense was on fire. These Falcons are the REAL deal. Live with it, aints.

  6. Ed says:

    So I’m not saying Alabama is going to beat UGA but they will.

    As long as Mark Richt is the coach, UGA will always fall short in the big game.

    Aaron Murray is o-3 in big games, he’s admitted he loses confidence in big games. I mean he threw three picks against Florida. Can’t do that against ‘Bama.

    UGA’s offensive line is bad. They haven’t really been tested much. They will struggle to keep AM on his feet.

    21-10 Tide.

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