Erickson Out Of Senate Race – As A Candidate


I appreciate all the support.  I really do.  In the past week I’ve learned who real friends are and are not.  It has been eye opening.  I had been all along very, very dismissive of running.  But given the efforts of several and the financial pledges of support, I figured I should actually take the time to seriously and prayerfully consider it out of respect for those who asked and offered to help.

I don’t understand these people who take a bunch of time publicly wringing hands over these things.  A week of thinking about it was enough.

So, we won’t have candidate Erickson to kick around anymore. But,

We will find someone to catapult into the arena.  It just won’t be me.  I’ll instead still be standing here to keep the bridge with thee.

Interesting times.  Erick received significant pledges of financial support for his bid. Should he be able to collect those on behalf of a candidate of his choice, it’s going to be an expensive primary.

H/T Jim Galloway.


  1. Bob Loblaw says:

    Wow. He openly states that he likes his money more than he would like serving his country in the U.S. Senate. Stay comfy, Erick.

    • Did you miss all the stuff about family? Also, he did not say he likes money more than serving his country. He said it would be a sizable pay cut. He said:

      “I have a seven year old, a soon to be four year old, and a wife who does not like being anywhere near a stage. I’m not putting my family through that when the best outcome would mean a sizable pay cut and being away from my kids and wife all the time huddled in a pit of vipers often surrounded by too many who viewed me as a useful instrument to their own advancement.”

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        So he’d put his family through it if the money was right?

        I wonder if he considers himself as someone who views elected officials as “useful instruments to his own advancement”?

        • Erick is not running. If he was running for the money, it would be one thing. There is nothing compulsory about running. In fact, with people making negative comments and twisting the meaning of people’s words, I don’t know why anyone would run.

          • IndyInjun says:

            One has to have a very, very tough hide, although one who coined the phrase “goat forking child molester” would seem to have overcome that criteria.

            Those who keep Saxby like him enough to sear the toughest hide.

            Georgians may have other ideas.

  2. xdog says:

    Damn, choosing a life ‘of the catapult’ over engaging in a raucous public political spectacle. No fair. At least it was quick.

    Now if we could only get the word on the neighborhood black panther and the phony 911 calls I for one could start to enjoy the holidays.

  3. proudpaulite says:

    Is there a residency requirement here? I think Ron Paul should move here and run against him. We proved at the Georgia Republican convention this year that we had at least 48% of the state republicans on board with us.

    • davidfarrar says:

      You have to live in Georgia…thirty days should do the trick. Then get a Georgia driver’s license and you’re in.

      I have written to Sarah Palin and suggested she might want to come down here and make Georgia her home to run against Sen. Chambliss*. I am sure with Erick’s endorsement; she would be a shoe-in.

      ex animo
      * Mrs. Palin hasn’t replied to date.

    • seenbetrdayz says:

      Well, you proved that 48% of republicans will at least think about issues before blindly following a political candidate, who supports indefinite detention, to a political train-wreck. I do think there are a number of republican voters in this state who truly do desire limited government. Too bad they are always herded by the overseers back into the voting booths to support the folks in office who don’t share those limited government beliefs. Such as what we are witnessing here with Saxby Chambliss. “It’s time to protect our guy at all costs!!!!”

      One of these days, republicans will have to learn that independent voters judge your party by the officials chosen to represent it.

  4. Nonchalant says:

    On the other hand…if the below quote from Wikipedia is what would be a pay cut

    “The annual salary of each senator, as of 2009, is $174,000”

    then at least that explains bannings and such at the various sites. Got to keep the cash flowing. And if along the way we slam people who have sacrificed more for the nation, well…all’s fair in love, war, and business, yes?

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