Polling Withdrawal? Some Of You Should Expect A Call

And Georgia Won.  Some of our lucky residents will get a phone call.  And later, we’ll have new data for which we can argue over the relevance.

So, you’re having withdrawal from daily tracking polls and still coming to grips with the fact that Nate Silver was right?  It’s OK, so are many others in our fine state.   But that’s OK, PPP is asking which state they should poll next week, and Georgia is on their list.

So, if you want some random data to argue over for the holiday season, click here and vote Georgia!

And if you’re really feeling lucky, you should also know that the Powerball jackpot has been raised again, this time to $550 million/$360 Million cash option.


  1. Stefan says:

    C’mon you guys, Oregon is currently winning. Oregon! We must prevent the broken axles, drowned oxen, and dysentery that inevitably befall any who travel to Oregon, at least by trail.

  2. Ed says:

    There aren’t even like 700 votes? How are we losing? Is Peach Pundit just not that influential?

    I mean… COME ON!

  3. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    How many times can we vote? Is this one of those Illinois deals where we can vote multiple times throughout the day?

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      Yay! You see what can happen you utilize “The Chicago Way” in our democracy and you get to the polls both early and often?

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